Let's Design a Programming Custom!

Hey everyone, I’m back here again with a new custom idea and I’d like your guys’ review of it! This custom is a bit different from my other ones as it’s focused around my career, something which for most of my time at SC I did not work on using subs as it has gone well without needing such. There are a few exceptions to that so far:

  • CHOSEN: I ran this sub for half a year to get the most important promotion in my entire career with great success.
  • Ultimate Programmer X: This is the sub I’ve referred to as “Career sub” in my journal and I’ve been waiting to reveal it. I can state it’s worked wonderfully in increasing my focus and productivity at work. It’s helped me get back into the state of productivity I was in before the era of complacency and relative laziness (which broadly speaking lasted one year—the time between when I got my promotion and now)! I am really enjoying its use.

The Rich Software Engineer

Power level: post-ZPv3 QTKS

  • It’s going to be quite some time before I get another QTKS custom. And I’d like to see the technology fully mature, which it will once ZPv3 is out.

Broadly speaking, this subliminal is ideated with two tentpoles:

  1. Be an expert software engineer. This directly leads to the first two cores and several related modules which support those skills.
  2. Optimize related parts of my lifestyle. This part came about due to me having space for more modules after picking out modules for #1 and having an interest in certain skills. One example of such a module is “Nomad”, because I do like to travel a lot and intend to stick exclusively to jobs that allow that (though I may not want to be a total digital nomad). The third core can be considered as being part of (1) or (2).
Number Module Category Notes
1 Ultimate Programmer X Core, Skills Programming - the core software engineering activity!
2 Chosen Core The leadership sub. Big part of being a senior+ and it helped me get a promo.
3 RICH Core, Wealth Name says it all. Let’s get RICH. Alternatively this could be the in-development financial sub that @SaintSovereign mentioned earlier.
4 The Way of ROI Productivity, Skills, Wealth Take the most profitable actions with the path of least resistance
5 The Single Point Productivity, Skills Focus booster!
6 The Lines
7 Cosmic Wealth Booster: Wealth Be Super Rich. Noted as a booster given how it relates to RICH.
8 Instant Business Tactician Wealth Strategic moves at work, particularly around meetings and resolving business situations.
9 Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy Booster: Status, Wealth Boost action taking for my job/career/all things money related
10 Cashflow Catalyst Skills, Wealth Monetize any skill/talent!
11 Marketweaver The investing module!
12 Technological Prodigy Skills Increase skills/understanding with any technology and awaken innovation!
13 Wanderer Skills The traveling module! Traveling’s one of my big interests.
14 Free Pass Cut through the bureaucracy easily in work, in traveling and so on!
15 Book Blitz Skills Speedreading module! Works on both speed and retention!
16 Marvel of Engineering Skills Definitely get this one reviewed to see if it would be redundant with UpX. I’d be willing to drop it if so.
17 Nomad I may not want to be a digital nomad outright, but I would like to have a lifestyle where I work and travel often!
18 Machine: Action Here because I am having trouble reaching 20 modules for now.
19 Sultan Here because I am having trouble reaching 20 modules for now.
20 I.Q. and Cognitive Booster General booster to go along with skills (ran out of ideas, but seems like a good general booster here)




That’s cool that you got the most important rise of your career on chosen.

I remember that program being so phenomenal at making everyone love you.

Very impressive! What did you learn from six months of chosen?


I feel like these two can be replaced by Hegemon and King Radiance. I don’t know I have a good feeling it would fit the custom nicely.

Also this is kind of in Index Gate so you can replace for something else like Job Seeker module.

You already have three cores, and your purpose is already broader with Chosen and RICH in the mix, but if I was to swap one of those out, I’d add in the new Hero Origins. A while ago I would have gone Emperor Black for it’s monk mode, but HO has more that sense of polishing the craft to go along with the determination. Also, you’re looking to add the leadership component in there so EB is probably not as well aligned with being management material as HO.

On the modules, I’m not up on the new Q store modules, but back when I did make a custom, Omnidimensional, DEUS and Yggdrasil have always been gotos. Other suggestions: Potentiator, Information Releaser, and Carpe Diem Ascended.

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Let’s respond to all these suggestions!

  • Hegemon: This is an interesting one, as to me it seems better suited for a romance custom or one centered around building alpha/attractive qualities, which while may help with leadership in career-related roles isn’t as targeted as I’d want it to be.
  • King’s Radiance: It’s a cool one—so cool I’ve got it in my WB QTKS custom. I’ve got that covered!
  • Job Seeker module: Reading the description, it does describe me as I am not looking to run my own business. Manifesting the ideal job with it can be nice, however, it seems to be quite transient in its applicability compared to the other modules. Meaning, that I’m not looking for new jobs all the time, so it’d be taking up space while I’m stable at a certain job for a long time. Yeah, I do see it can be used for promotions—however Chosen has proven to me to work for just that (besides, Saint had directly stated Chosen can help one get a promo—it’s partly what motivated me to run Chosen back then)!
  • Hero Origins: Perhaps the most intriguing of suggestions so far. Honestly, I have not read the entirety of the product copy, though I did find the quoted part below to stick out to me.
    • But it’s not just about swords. Whether you’re into writing, coding, or even gaming, if you’re passionate about mastering a craft, HERO Origins is designed to elevate your skills to unparalleled levels. It enables you to dig deeper into your practice, convert that deep knowledge into wisdom, and then apply that wisdom in transformative ways — both for your life and for others.

    • Now that being said, it seems this program has a lot going on in it besides the mastery of craft. It’s a huge script for sure, one that I’ve never run. So with all that being said, I hesitate to make it part of a three-core custom.

Yes there’s definitely density in that possibility. The force multiplier add ins like Omnidimensional could probably deliver some of the same intent. It really depends on what the main focuses should be. HO is more craft oriented, but cores plus a few force multipliers (think potientator/omni/yggd etc) can deliver a more focused effect. I always thought of the other modules as waveguides for the core.

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I know for a fact that the cores are intended to hit all the key parts of my career:

  • Core programming
  • Leadership
  • Money
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HoM + Index Gate:


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