Let it ride - Emperor v4


I am back with a new journal to document my Emperor Journey. I won’t be updating daily, the goal is an overall weekly review.

As of today, I have been running Emperor v4 for 18 days now. I play it during the day when I can, usually 3-8 times, and then over night most nights. I take a day off when the reconciliation hits. I’m very familiar with my feelings of reconciliation from running numerous other major programs including EoG multi-stage. The first 10 days or so I was mostly running ultrasonic, however I switched to masked and that has always seemed to have more of an affect on me with previous subs and I feel the same way with Emperor.

During the time I have ran Emperor, I didn’t notice much the first 10 days or so except for very vivid, multiple dreams a night. I don’t really care about dreams that much, I’ll look into the meanings of them if I notice themes, but I could care less if I never dreamed again as long as I’m creating the reality I desire in my waking world.

In the past few days, however, a few very significant and impacting events have occurred.

  1. A couple days ago I was doing my (in person) sales appointments. I had been having a rough previous week and on this day a lady was unnecessarily rude, smartass, dismissive, and keeping an air like she was above me. A total bitch to put it succinctly. I didn’t let her affect me in the moment, I smiled and said thank you for your time.

But then when I got out to my car, something overtook me. I just started uncontrollably screaming at the top of my lungs…“I hate this person and that person” “everyone is absolute pieces of shit” “I hate myself” “I hate where my life has come to” and on and on (with a lot more expletives) for literally more than 5 minutes. I mean, I somewhat lost my voice from the screaming.

Once I calmed down, I broke down in tears.

After, I felt a huge weight lifted and also noticed a distinct lack of concern for what others thought of me and a (in a good way) lack of concern for others feelings. I have been putting myself first for probably the first time in my life. It was a very concrete shift and difference before this meltdown and after. It’s quite amazing.

  1. I attended a networking event that I used to go to regularly but haven’t been to in months. There are a lot of people that are far more successful and far more wealthy than myself at these. When I used to attend them previously, I can recall feeling very inferior and below these people, while also grateful to get to learn from them and surround myself with successful individuals.

This time, I felt much more on the same level as everyone regardless of how much more “successful” they are than me. And again, there was a very noticeable lack of self-consciousness that used to be there. It was as if I wasn’t judging myself relative to everyone else there, but on my own autonomy.

  1. Within these almost 3 weeks, I have been ripped off monetarily TWICE for significant sums of money. I am working with my bank, and should be able to get most if not all of bit ack but I find this very strange/interesting/coincidental. Not to mention just a big ol headache dealing with it. But it has been a valuable lesson in and forced me to confront others who have wronged me.

On the other hand, another individual who I made a private loan to for a very significant amount has been overdue now for almost a year. (I have increased the interest rate twice now due to him being late, but it’s been weighing on me, I want the money back and have probably lost a lot in opportunity costs). Anyway, he notified me and says he will have the money and pay me back within 3 weeks as he is closing on the sale of one of his properties this week. We’ll see. But that will be a huge relief.

Other notes: I have cut off most people from my life (not permanently just for the time being), no dating, and have been living a very spartan and simple life. I wake up at 5:30am without an alarm, I write out my goals as if they have happened, I meditate, I workout, I eat healthy, and then my sole focus all day is on getting my financials and wealth sorted. I cancelled my netflix, hulu, etc. and either read at night or watch one of my educational programs but only if it deals with a specific issue that I’m dealing with in real life due to taking action. Otherwise, I don’t even allow that (or youtube business videos) because in the past I suffered from analysis paralysis and information overload - trying to figure EVERYTHING out before taking action.

That’s been my Emperor v4 experience so far, I’ll update when the inspiration hits.


In addition another thing I have noticed came to mind.

Proximity indicators of interest. I usually go do work at a coffee shop or bookstore, somewhere with internet. And this has happened blatantly at least a few times that I recall, the most recent being yesterday.

The coffee shop was near empty, I was way over in the corner working and a cute girl came in, she got her drink and sat on the other side of the coffee shop but facing me. I caught her looking a couple times. Then she came all the way over to my side of the shop to to use the creamer/milk/sugar over right by me when there was another station to do this way closer to where she was sitting.

This happens a lot now too. I’ll be zoned in on work and then get that feeling that someone is watching you, i’ll look up, and catch a girl staring at me and it’s not only just glances but as if they’ve been intently looking at me while I was focused, working away.


21 days of Emperor v4

I’m noticing a lot of people addressing me as “sir” now when I talk to people at stores, coffee shops, etc. People saying “sorry” if they get in my way. And also a lot more people initiating small talk with me. Much more than before starting emperor.

In addition, I have noticed myself setting and enforcing my personal boundaries much more rigidly. For instance, I am finding myself being much more aggressive with the people that ripped me off with an attitude I am going to get what is mine.

Negotiations for work are also going really well. Before, I had a fear of negotiating, worried that the other party would get mad at my low starting offers. This fear kept me from making the difficult calls. I’m now going after deals hard. With an attitude of I’ve ran the numbers, I’m going to start low knowing exactly where my hard line is that I won’t cross. I’ve actually started to look forward to negotiations for the first time in my life.

I haven’t ran Emperor since v1 and I am definitely noticing that v4 is much less anti-social. I’m very choosy about who I hang out with and when, but it’s now a very calculated choice to be social, while at the same time I really crave being social with those individuals that “make the cut” so to speak.


Day 23 of Emperor v4

Just some random changes I’ve noticed:

  1. My voice seems to project much better - I would use booming to describe it. Like I speak and after I think to myself, whoa where did that volume come from.

  2. Relating to #1, I seem to have lost all self-consciousness of other people overhearing my conversation. This used to be a BIG for me - I would be very self-conscious when speaking with a friend in quieter locations such as on the train, in an elevator, in the back of a uber, worried about what those who could overhear were thinking. Not anymore.

  3. I feel myself having a new, confident swagger to my walk

  4. I’ve been almost 100% sticking to my workout, nutrition, and financial plans I set for myself. Literally 2 days of slip ups with junk food, and then spending too much.

  5. I really have no desire to go to parties, go out to dinner, any socializing if it’s not having anything to do with my financial empire goals. I really feel guilty and like “what a waste” the times I have gone to these social events.

  6. Last night I had a networking event, I had to get up and share my story in front of about 60 people. Normally I’m very nervous giving presentations, however last night, though still nervous I would say my nervousness was reduced by 80% of what it would normally be.

I’ve been playing Emperor masked anywhere from 4-8 times throughout the day and then overnight as well, so probably averaging 12 hours minimum per day. I think I will push through with as many listens as possible for this next week, then take a weekend off before adding Mogul v2 in to the mix.

I plan on sticking to the Emperor v4 + Mogul v2 stack for the next 5+ months. And I will probably make my stack weighted with more Emperor than Mogul.


Playing the sub overnight definitely has a negative effect on my sleep. I still do it, but only a couple nights a week when I have nothing important the next day.

I’m nearing 30 days of Ev4 and the plan is to stick with it for the foreseeable future.

I have this feeling that my business is on the verge of taking off like a rocket, I just need these (big) money issues to get sorted please!! so I can pump some of it into marketing and automation.

It’s so frustrating, I am not technically broke but am having to live like I am. This has been causing all sorts of negative emotions and anger towards the parties involved. However, more and more often I realize everything is ultimately my responsibility and it will all work out. The fits of anger towards these individuals are becoming shorter in duration.

But, a couple days ago I was in a really negative spiral and could not get out. So I took yesterday and last night completely off from the sub. I ended up having one of the most amazing dreams I’ve had in a long time. Very vivid and still vivid in my memory right now over 12 hours later. Usually I don’t even remember my dreams.

I suppose when we stick to one sub, it is peeling away layers like an onion. So when we listen for more than a month, waves of reconciliation are to be expected as it works itself deeper inside our psyche.

Something else that I keep reminding myself is how @SaintSovereign said (paraphrased) a long time ago “Be prepared for Emperor to challenge you, hard”.

I’ve never been flat broke like this before in my life, where I’m having to pinch every penny to pay rent and to eat. Im thinking it’s Emperor challenging me…and I’m surviving just fine. Even on the worst of days, I eventually get to a place of knowing it’s all playing out just as it’s supposed to.

Enough for now, my plan going forward is a few more days of strictly Ev4 (due to this last reconciliation and subsequent break). Then I think I will add a few loops of Mogul with it. And, possibly when I get some spare funds The commander.


Yes. I noticed this A LOT. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but MOST of the TIME. I can’t help to act as if I know nothing about it. Ev4 is extremely potent, so to speak.


@WiseWalker, you really need to learn to use the quote feature.

You’re replying to posts from 13 days ago, 27 days ago, etc.;
and then expecting people to make sense of what you’re talking about.


You’re welcome to debate. However, a thread is a thread. Being logical as it is. Serving up a comment, it’s in the anticipation of a response or an inquiry. Can I not ask nor comment on it? I guess the internet’s full with preconceived rules, uh huh? Plus, I am inquiring of a possible collaboration, and what’s with your blabber all about? No offense, Simon.

P/S: Not being passive aggressive nor rude to you. Straight to the point.

If you don’t liked it, leave it. Don’t start an argument with emotions. I’ll not entertain.


Day 34 of Ev4

Serious Reconciliation

For the last 5 days I really ramped up the listening of Ev4 to cross the 30 day mark strong and to prepare for adding Mogul on top of Ev4.

I may have been a little too aggressive.

I was listening 16+ hours per day, and one day hit 20 hours. Then Saturday night, I decided to play 2 instances of Ev4 on different speakers, started at different time (after reading the thread about people experimenting with this). I had about 4 hours of exposure with this method before sleep.

Sunday, I woke up planning to work my side job all day (I can choose my hours and work as little or as much as I want). However, I had ZERO motivation and felt like what I would describe as a zombie-like state. Not tired, not lacking energy, but simply void.

After two hours, I couldn’t keep my focus and couldn’t find any motivation or will power to push through whatsoever. It was like I just could not get myself to move. It was a very weird sort of blank/spaced out state. Not depressed, not angry, not lacking energy, just zero ability to push through and get work done. I called it quits and went home to nap.

The rest of the day was one of those where I didn’t have the motivation to do anything productive, but I also could not find anything that sparked my attention on youtube or even mindless tv. I spent the day basically laying in bed and like ADD going from social media, to youtube, to a book, to texting with a friend, to just closing my eyes.

I did not listen to any subs yesterday or last night. Lesson learned.


Today (Monday), however, I feel a new sense of drive and purpose with my business. Woke up at 5am without an alarm and have been working for 5 hours straight now. Just taking a break to write this post.

I have an extreme tunnel vision focus on what I’m doing at any given moment. When I was walking down the street to the coffee shop where I work, my sight was straight ahead. Out of my peripheral vision I notice the majority of people, and especially women, staring at me - I not looking at them at all (aside from out of the corner of my eye), and their heads were literally rotating to keep their stare at me as I passed.

This has also been happening while I’ve been working at the coffee shop. I’m sitting here super focused on my computer, not looking at anyone as they pass my table, but I can tell out of the corner of my eye they are intently staring at me as they walk past.

All of this with zero self-consciousness around all the attention whatsoever. And I’m here with an absolute and newly assured confidence of the exact steps and game plan for my business for the coming months. An impressive, newly discovered clarity if you will.

The plan for Ev4 is a few more days of my 4-8 listens spaced out through the day - with no overnight listening - to level things out before adding possibly Mogul on top of the playlist.

Take heed: Ev4 is powerful, tread wisely.

EOG: No small change

Ev4 Day 36

I have cut back on my number of listens to around 6 loops per day

After making it through that wild reconciliation though , I have been feeling amazing. I took some time to reflect on Ev4 so far. (I wrote out a whole long post then somehow lost it, so I’m going a different way with this). Here’s my observations from the last month:

  • I am feeling an inner sense of joy, and wonderment, and optimism. This has been for the last couple days. It reminds me of feelings I had as an older child and while in university.

  • I believe the above has come because over the last week in particular I have gained a lot of clarity, or I should say a clear vision on who I want to become as a man and what I want my life to look like.

  • This has lead to cutting out a lot of things from my life, including people. Some of this was a conscious decision and some out of necessity. The latter I truly believe has been Emperor working it’s magic and challenging me as Saint said Emperor would way back on v1.

  • I have this deep and real gratitude for these challenges I have faced (especially the money challenges). I spent a lot of time angry about this stuff, however I am now seeing the lessons I have gained through these challenges. Gifts these challenges have given me specifically are simplification and focus.

  • I had a dream, and since have had this gut feeling/hunch/intuition that this guy who owes me a lot of money is going to pay me back soon. The feeling is like Neville describes, as if it’s already done.

  • I have gone through a major rearranging of priorities. For the past two years, I have been OBSESSED with figuring out wealth and my financial situation. I recently realized, during this time I have also been miserable for most of it. This caused me to step back and really evaluate my life. I NEED to leave/create room for those things in life I truly enjoy. So, I have streamlined my business realizing how much time I was wasting on “being busy”. There are about 5 money making activities I need to do each day, and that takes max 5 hours. These are also the most challenging to do - as in sales calls. However, I have been 80/20’ing my business and I now have plenty of time to rediscover my love of guitar. Something I have done my whole life, but stuffed away in the closet the last couple years. And my love of reading, and of travel.

  • This evaluation of my life has brought a sort of melancholy or bittersweet regret. Think of how much progress I could have made on guitar in two years. Instead, I let chasing money get the better of me and take away a lot of things that bring me joy. I’m glad I realized this now, years can slip by so fast. I’m ashamed of how I wasted the last two years, I wish I could have them back. But I can only go forward from here. Life is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible.

  • I realized how often I tell stupid little white lies to hopefully gain approval from others. I mean, down to stupid things like when people ask me what I’m doing tonight or what I’m eating, I’ll lie and say something that I think they will think is cool. I have a goal and focus now to always speak my truth. Yes, I am eating a pb&j for dinner tonight and watching Fuller House, DJ is hot now and I love that show anyway :man_shrugging: :joy:

  • With the vision for myself and life above, I have put women completely on the back burner. This vision for myself is a man who is on his purpose, who has gained freedom through discipline, and one who others consider an honor to get to spend time with because his time is so valuable. I achieve this and as a by-product a completely new caliber of women will open up to me so to speak.

  • I finally came to accept that all of my excuses and rationalizations for why life isn’t how I want it to be right now stem from one limiting factor. My whole life I kind of just swept this under the rug, and complained without facing it. I have come to terms with how difficult this will be to get sorted, however I now have found the resources to work on this personal limiter and do the hard work first thing every morning to get this handled, once and for all.

Ok, that’s enough for now, I have also seen marked improvements in my fitness, an amazing lack of self-consciousness, and a very real understanding that life is short - I need to live it on my terms or suffer the repercussions of guilt and regret. But those can wait for another time. I have a networking event to attend.


Excellent post, @HappyHero. As an INFJ like you, even I can see some common issues that I need to resolve especially with regard to making excuses for myself.

Am wondering how you were able to do well in your business and focus on it. I would love to be an entrepreneur but I feel some sort of deficiency regarding it. I had run a business which didn’t work out well and it kinda makes me cautious of starting another. Right now, my goal is to eventually end up writing books and being rich that way. To be an entrepreneur author. But what mindset did you take up to be successful in your business? Was it a long journey? Any insights would be appreciated.


This part is very interesting @HappyHero.

So, if I understood you correctly: A real man makes himself as attractive as possible, as good looking as possible, and waits for women to make the first move on his and lead him through the courtship process and do the seduction for him?

If that mindset is correct, do you think the best seducers in history, from Casanova to Don Juan followed this strategy?

I am really curious about your thoughts on this.


Huge topic at hand here. I will say that I don’t have this figured out quite yet, which is the reason that since beginning of summer I basically dropped all Seduction subs for EoG and now Ev4. I do however currently run my own business that does bring in revenue every month. I’ve had really really good months but overall it doesn’t quite cover the bills yet. Though I do believe it is the right business for me and with hard work it has the potential to be very successful.

To your question, I can only give my experience as someone who hasn’t quite figured it out yet. But you asked for my experience so this is good!

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. And up to this point, I have failed or quit or found out a business wasn’t for me at everything I’ve tried. I’ve definitely had some very short term successes along the way, but then in my youth was very reckless with the money.

The short of it is that every since high school and especially the internet I have been looking for a way to make money on the side and eventually become my own boss.

I could write for pages on this but for me it comes down to two things.

  1. I have always had this drive to work for myself and I have tried countless different businesses and ways to make money. From high school until now. Like I said I eventually failed at them all or threw in the towel realizing it wasn’t for me long term. And I’ve taken some rough blows throughout all this time. But the thing was, that drive to somehow find a way was always there. So there would be times where I lost all my money, whatever business it was had failed, and I was so fed up with it all that I resigned myself to just working a job and saving as much as I could. Inevitably though, 3-4 months later I’d grown sick of the 9-5, saved up some money, and realize that inner drive was still there I had just surpressed it for a short time, and what do you know I’d be back trying another business. Which leads me to point number 2.

  2. It’s never been about the money for me, and I don’t know if this is just innate in me as well. But it has always been about (a) the freedom and (b) the game of it all. Regarding the latter, it drives me absolutely mad that other people can figure out this business/wealth game and I haven’t yet. I won’t give up until I do figure it out, or until I die. Regarding the former, I can’t even tell you how much money I have lost over the last 20 years. In the hundreds of thousands for sure. On products, on coaching, on mentors, on bad business decisions, on bad investments, on crooks. None of the money matters, because it’s about achieving that freedom and just about simply figuring it out for the sake of figuring it out - like a puzzle. If one person can run a 4 min mile, anyone can. If one person can become successful anyone can. So I always would just find another job and save up again until I have enough to give the next venture a run.

You mentioned running one business that didn’t go well and are now cautious. I’ve failed at probably around 10 businesses, all with little niches within the business that I tried. Sometimes I’d be so frustrated that I’d just resign myself to working a normal job like everyone else. But deep down this is just lying to myself, and I’m sooner than later looking for the next business idea.

One other thing that was maybe a blessing and curse in this regard, in my early 20’s I went through a stage of gambling and a stage of day trading. Both of these have caused me to become super callused in regards to losing money. I can tell you about times I lost thousands of dollars in less than 5 minutes on trades. That will make a guy literally sick to his stomach, but eventually you reach a point where you can control the emotions and losing money doesn’t phase you or influence your decisions… to as little extent as possible.

Thanks for asking, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Talking about this just fuels that fire within me!


OMG @AMASH is back!!! :clap:

To the bolded statement, I’m not sure where in my posts i suggested anything of the sort???

Regarding my quote that you included, that was referring to my whole of life in entirety, and had nothing to do with women, though I’m sure getting it handled would, as a side effect improve that area as well.

I guess, since I’m working on being open and honest and truthful, I can explain the quote above. When I was a teenager, I had an injury to my vocal cords. Because of this it is often hard for others to hear me in loud environments, and it often causes a very uncomfortable restricted/closed off tightness in my throat. No matter how much effort or lack of effort/relaxing of my voice, I just cannot get the volume and resonance I desire. But there are random, one off days where I do feel my voice is as it should be. I just can’t figure out how to achieve this consistently. It really mentally affects me on cold calls, negotiations, and pitches is my business life. And that is why I am giving my all to get this figured out for once and for all.

I am seeing a specialist though, that says he can help me see great improvement, but it will take a year or more of treatments and daily exercises to get to where I want to be. I am very hopeful that what he promises is in fact achievable.

So good to have you back @AMASH , I did a double take when I saw your name and pic!


Your story is truly inspiring @HappyHero.

Please do it, go the specialist and take care of your voice. Never leave it for “later”. Because next year, you’d wish you have began in 2020.


You’re so right @AMASH and I’m on it! I think we all have these core issues that we don’t face because deep down we know how difficult and uncomfortable the journey will be.

I’ve just reached a point where I’m sick of all the things I wished I had not put off.


Your words reminded me of this video:


Love Jim Rohn! That video is fantastic and much needed this morning, thanks!


I really appreciate your sharing your experience, @HappyHero. I could especially relate to your story since we are both of a similar personality and mindset.

I never enjoyed working under anyone and I always wanted freedom rather than money. To be able to travel to wherever I wanted. To have unique experiences that require money. To be independent and not worry about being helpless.

Your point about being mentally-calloused regarding money is very good. To not be fearful of taking risks is the mark of an entrepreneur. Am sure it will (and has already) help you go places.

Even I used to be tormented by the idea of why I couldn’t figure out wealth when others could. And I always end up being encouraged by the fact that if others can, I could too.

Thank you for this wonderful answer.


I have had the same breakthrough. A deep sense of calm, peace, and joy.