Legacy/ Superchargers


So I’ve been using Legacy since the day it was released and I can’t reccomend it highly enough. To anyone who is into fitness, weight lifting, etc Legacy is an absolute game changer. I was watching a Tony Robbins video the other day and he was talking about how people tend to perform based on their current state of mind, not nessicarily their capabilities. For example, regardless of how well you prepared, how good of shape you are in or whatever, if you go into a workout feeling sluggish and thinking about how you need to get through the workout, your not going to perform well. On the other hand your best workouts were probably the ones that you were excited about going to, looking forward to hitting the gym all day. Another example is when you are trying to lift more weight than you’ve done before and you feel unsure if you’ll be able to hit it, chances are you’ll barely be able to move it, but when you go to hit a weight you’ve done before you have no trouble getting the reps in. With Legacy I can go to the gym feeling completely wiped not ready to lift, and after a couple cycles of Legacy while I warm up I feel engaged and ready to crush it. I literally don’t have bad workouts anymore, I don’t hit plateaus, and I’m surpassing weights that I’ve been stuck at for years simply from mental blocks. At my level of expierience (I’d consider myself intermidiate-bridging on advanced, been lifting for over 5 Years) the ability to consistently move up in weight feels surreal. I’ve used almost every program from subliminal club and I can say that legacy is one of the best, and probably my personal favorite. The super chargers are highly underrated especially when combining them with the major programs because it gets your conscious mind, and unconscious on the same page. Looking forward to seeing what else SubClub releases in the supercharger line. Fingers crossed for a financial super charger. :grimacing:


Note taken. :wink:


Do you listen to Spartan as well? If so, how do you like it?


I haven’t used Spartan yet, I’ll get around to it eventually but right now I’m focusing on other areas. Really only running Primal Seduction right now which I think includes some elements of Spartan?


may i ask how many times you listen? @Niles