Lee on Primal Seduction Q and Libertine Ultima


Just got it.

I was on Primal for about 3,5 months. My life has changed a lot since then and inner game has improved vastly. I feel like what’s missing is the “execution” part.

I will be on this for a while. Let’s see how it goes.


Day 3

About 4 months ago I got out of a long term relationship of 2.5 years. That rejection really hurt, and I have been in the process of getting over the pain, winning my self back and being the best I can be.

Since yesterday I noticed my brain is stirring up past achievements trying to make me feel better about my self, changing the narrative of my self and the breakup, and numbing down the pain a bit. I hope this continues.

I have been thinking more and more about having sex with a few women I talk too. I feel like it would be a major confidence boost, great fun and a huge relief. Hopefully, soon.


Day 4

Very sexual today. I am thinking about sex a lot.

My mood has extreme swings today. During the morning I was feeling great and that I was moving forward but when I got home sadness and loss came over me.

Reached out to a girl a had sex with 2 months ago trying to set a meeting up and it does not seem like she is interested. Bummer.

Thankfully, I am still functional though all this.


Day 5

The last 2-3 days I have been getting very emotional and cried like I have not cried the last few months. I have been tough so far. Probably it’s working on something very emotional, like the rejection, trauma and separation anxiety.

I keep thinking of sex all the time. I am thinking about this girl I am talking to and we are meeting when she comes to town. I am going to take her out and have fun, and then fuck her all night long.


It’s been much of the same for me as well.
I’ve been very emotional over my last relationship ending, analyzing it and being distraught. It’s clearing up now for me and I’m feeling a lot better about it:


Mood changes here as well, one loop a day…


I have been in tears today its hard to function at work I decided to take the day off.


Day 7

I find my self more comfortable in most social situations. It feels like I am finally getting to where I want to be regarding this aspect of my life.

I still get the urge to sob 1-2 times everyday. Missing my ex intensely.

I think a lot about sex.

Going out tonight to a concert and then to a disco party with lots of friends. Going to have a great time. I will switch to Iron Throne for a few hours and hopefully it will give me a boost.


Day 10

I went on a date on Day 8. I spent the day with a girl I take a course with, and we went out for beers. It was planned automatically. I did not make a move because I could not tell if she was being social and friendly or if she was into me. I worked on kino, but could not bring my self to go for the kiss. I know I should have. We are seeing each other again this week. All I can think is her naked jumping on me.

On Sunday, I went out with a group of female friends. One of them I barely new and we spent many hours talking, and she said she was interested in talking to me again. But again, the same issue with me, I can’t tell if she was being very friendly or if it was sexual interest. I have read so many books about pick up and body language but sometimes I still don’t get it.


Day 26

I have gone out with the girl from the previous post and groups of friends a couple of times. She keeps sending mixed signals and it makes me hesitate from going in for the kiss. I had a couple of opportunities but then I think “nah, she is thinking of me as a friend”. She mentioned to a common friends she started going out with someone else and will see how it goes, but on the other hand she is out dancing, drinking, laughing, having fun, hugging me, laughing at all my jokes, giving me great body language signs and staying to spend extra time with me after all our friends are gone. After drinking I went in for a half-cheek-half-lips kiss and she looked away feeling a bit awkward. She seemed distant the next day in class and avoided eye contact in the beginning, a little later she relaxed and starting laughing at my jokes again and almost went back to normal. She will drive me crazy.

Her pulling away a bit is making me miss my ex again. The new girl is a great comfort from the post break-up pain.

Other than that, PS and PSIT are working great. People respect me more and I get more compliments. I also feel better about myself.


Assume attraction. Don’t worry so much about whether she is attracted or is not, simply keep escalating until a firm no. She could be attracted one moment, and not in the next, but if you assume attraction and keep escalating she will be.

It is not easy to do in the start, but when you are in the moment, remember it and know every moment is the right time to escalate.


Day 34

An interesting thing happened to me a few days ago. I went out for a beer with a good friend, and this sexy girl I made out with about 4 years ago happened to be there. She came up and talked to me and was flirty. I ran into her in the toilets and we teased each other. She flashed me her boobs while trying to reach for the lipstick in the boob crack. She flashed me her gorgeous tits 2 more times, and I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in. I was a few seconds away from going in for the kiss but she turned away and a few more people came in the toilets and ruined it for me. I should have gone for it no matter what.

The girl from my previous posts seems to be shy or reserved around me now after our last exit. If I speak to her she reacts alright though.

The last 10 days have been a shit storm of negative emotions regarding my self-worth, my ex, the end of our relationship and if I will be able to have sex anytime soon. I hope it’s just a huge resistance block that will result in great growth.

I think of sex 24/7 and I project sexual thoughts everywhere.


Why were you in the girls bathroom lol


Tit hunting.


Why else would he be in the girls bathroom :joy:


Day 43

That massive resistance seems to have lifted. I barely feel depressed and anxious right now. Some things have fallen into place.

I am enjoying girl attention. Girls from that course I am taking are all over me. They love talking to me and hanging out with me. This is something new to me. It feels amazing. The girl from the previous posts noticed that and is now trying to grab my attention.

I haven’t made a move on any one other than this girl, but someone is getting fucked soon.


Do you think that PS started internal healing issues about relationships before? I am in the proccess of listening PS too but for lesser time. And I really feel that some internal issues are going out of me, but I guess it is part of the process.


Ι feel like it did that. I can’t tell how much of it was part of the natural healing process, but I noticed the pattern of resistance-breakthrough which points to subliminals.


Day 52

A girl from the educational course I am taking is all over me. She is into me sexually and all, can’t stay away from me and can’t keep her hands off of me. Lets call her Ch. She admitted her feelings for me. However she has a relationship she is enjoying and does not wan to ruin it for something occasional with me. At least yet.

The other girl from my previous post, lets call her F., kept coming coming back into my orbit and showing me signs of interest but when I told her to grab a beer she ignored my message. The next day she was a bit closed off but then showed signs of interest by touching my hands and leg repeatedly and laughing her ass off at everything I said.

My confidence is off the charts. More social than ever. I see sex everywhere. SEX SEX SEX.


Day ~82

I switched to Iron Throne about two weeks ago.
Had sex yesterday!
It was for the first time in 5 months.
It was so effortless.

Not satisfied by my duration.
I am also on No Fap and have been messing with kegel exercises lately.
I am sure these played a role.

Comments/Results make no sense and not believable