Leadership Skill Subliminal


Hi subclub,

I wonder if there would be a subliminal that would address or have script of those leadership skills and theories in many of those leadership books.

Something like listening to the subliminals would have the effect of reading all of the top leadership books available!

In addition, it would also help build up the traits of leader like decisiveness, assertiveness, ability to think under pressure, always knowing what to do in all situations!.


Do guide me to the subs if such subs is already currently available.


Emperor or Khan seems to be the right choice here.

I am currently running Khan myself and leadership is something that becomes natural to you.


I concur. Emperor & Khan are the most logical choices.


Dont forget to purchase commander when it is released. Saint is in the process of creating this super charger which will amplify your leadership qualities to a whole new level.


I feel like any of the “alpha” subs would do this. Ascension, Ascended Mogul, or Primal are all about make you a more dominant alpha male. Not to say that Khan, EoG, or Emperor wouldn’t - but those involve so much more than simply embodying the qualities of a leader.

I guess it would help to know your drive behind wanting to be more of a leader


Gold-Like Masculinity Stacking Module then would be great for this.


I definitely vouch for Emperor’s effectiveness in cultivating leadership qualities as well as making others see you as a leader.



If you have very defined goals around leadership and run emperor you won’t be disappointed.

I have to vouch here/add my +1 for emperor regarding leader ship.

Honestly, run emperor or khan stage and set up a daily ritual that will put like a leadership spell on yourself.

Read leader ship, write about it, be grateful for all the leadership qualities you already posses etc and your energy and focus will all start going there.

you’ll become almost ice cold to anything that doesn’t logically(don’t kill me daniel kahneman ) make sense to your desired goals. (I did. and loved it)

Hope this feedback helps


Me2 just started with v3