Layering Subliminal

So I own Emperor, Primal Seduction Iron Throne, and StarkQ. To get all I want I have been using the 3 of these in the stack. This stack takes 3 hours to run one after the other.

Someone said to me that I could Layer these on top of each other in Audacity turning that 3-hour track into 1 hour. Meaning I would be able to get in more loops a day as at current I dont feel like I’m meeting what I need to

is this possible to get results, if so how would I do it and what would I need to do it

Thanks for the advice all

No no

Don’t do it


Don’t do it.

Audacity + Sub Club = not good.


How long have you been running this stack for?

I ran it before, then stopped to move to start Terminus, had some recoil I think with it, took a couple of weeks brake and started running this again … but I only get 2 loops during the night and dont have much time in the day for loops

Dont do it. I’ve heard such things from really dumb people :smiley:

Don’t do it with Q subs, I’ve tryed before running multiple instance of subs at the same time using different players.

With the Q tech, your mind needs more time to rest!

And now for something completely different…*

Don’t do it. @SaintSovereign has said several times that it’s not a good idea, and it would also probably break the subliminal functioning. There have been several instances recently about people misusing subliminals and then complaining about them not working, so the lesson there is use them as intended as they likely won’t work otherwise. Some people have tried playing simultaneously, but look at the journals that have had very obvious successful results - nearly all of them have been the result of using the products as instructed.

*Not actually different.

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What should I do in your opinion then

Go back to one loop ah day on StarkQ terminal


or trying to get more time doing

Primal Seduction

Cause im confused by what to do I was having amazing benefits but then my schedule went nuts and im feeling the lack of the content mentally

I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Don’t do it. Well, do what you want. But be prepared for massive reconciliation.

I did this a few weeks ago out of curiosity. I have 3 separate computers in my office.

I put 2 different subs on each using iTunes with a “shuffle” playlist on each. So 3 subs playing at once, but with a a total of 8 possible configurations (2^3)

Suffice to say that was a shitty 2-3 days all around. Massive headaches, angst, reconciliation, thoughts of “HOW DID I FUCK UP MY LIFE?”

That experiment did not last long.

Even as of late, I’ve completely stopped doing any looping of subs and stopped completely with listening to them while asleep.

I turned off auto-repeat. I have my subs in iTunes and will listen to one (on ultra on the office. Masked distracts me too much whilst working).

I then let it play (whatever sub it is)…then when I consciously notice that it’s over, I’ll start something else for a single loop. No set plan as to which subs…just whichever seems appropriate for the moment.

My dreams have skyrocketed in vividness even beyond what I got when listening to Mind’s Eye Terminus Squared while sleeping. And that is saying a TON.

tl;dr: Don’t do it…Don’t overload yourself.


Just don’t do this. Even Saint said this is not going to end well.

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What’s your work/living set-up? Not much solitude? Any reason you can’t run Ultras in a set-and-forget way?

If you have time alone, that would be the obvious solution. But I guess you don’t.

Overnight play works well too.

If you describe your situation more, the suggestions may be more helpful.

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Although there’s still no official word with regards to stacking, Q subs no longer need to be set-and-forget. In fact, @SaintSovereign recommends that there be more rest with Q and especially Terminus (T and T2) subs. With that being said, I think you can do something like Stack Rotation. Depending on your needs and availability to listen, I’d go with something like:

Day 1
  • StarkQ
  • PSIT
Day 2
  • EmperorQ

Alternate between day1 and day2 for 6 days and take the 7th day off. You don’t need to listen to the subs the whole day, so maybe have each sub play around 3 loops.


There is a way to do what you want. Get a custom with those three cores.

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Yeah, my work Life schedule is hopping from meeting to meeting, so going from speakers to a headset is a regularly quick switch, as well as constant interruptions of having to leave the office to meet. so not even something I can have on while I’m out at work… if I get an hour during the day or a couple of hours of quiet when I get home is sort of rare

Il give stack rotation ago, I had some insane outcomes of StarkQ Terminus on my first loop my mind was going 100 miles per hour, I could remember everything, I felt strong and as if I could do anything or have anyone I wanted. but on my second loop, I got nothing, no sensations like the first one the day before, have iv ran one loop a day, and then tried 2 loops of it. I was getting nothing from it other then what felt like a little pressure on my temples.

So moved back to the stack I put above, but I feel like I am on a plateau. I know iv improved 500% over what I was but, I want to go further now and get the constant feelings of… I can seduce anyone, Know exactly what to say with everyone, and be the man people look up to in any conversation

I wonder will there ever been an EmperorQ Terminus or Primal Seduction Terminus. I really like the idea of the listen once a day and get result tracks

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Maybe it will be an option in the future for all subs here.

Do note that sometimes, feelings of hitting a plateau can actually be reconciliation. Things like hitting a plateau, wanting to rush things, wanting to change stacks even if you know you’ve made great strides can actually be forms of reconciliation. You need to be aware of that too.



Any good suggestions for dealing with reconciliation in case it is that, is there a sub to listen to for that haha

Maintain Confidence and Optimism, Brush Away Negativity

“Stacking Sanguine Ultima with another title in your stack at 1 loop every day (or every other day) will help counteract reconciliation generated by your subliminal stack while also enhancing the healing and mood lifting scripting in any of the titles in your stack.”

If the reconcilliation is emotional, consider listening/doing something pleasurable/soothing to balance. Music, walking etc.

Alternatively deal with it intellectually…

Watch a video or read an article before or after your stack to re-frame the session.

Do not try to be clever and hack the subliminal to make it work faster. The subliminals work fine as they are. Secondly by tampering with the subliminal you might be breaching certain terms and conditions that could put you in hot water with SC, which might result in being banned from further purchases SO DO NOT DO IT.

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