Laws of Human Nature as Subliminal

In the tradition of Power Can Corrupt this would be a great model for a new subliminal title.



why not have a " Holy Bible" Subliminal next as well… loooool



For context, Power Can Corrupt was based on 48 Laws of Power by the same author.

I won’t state my opinion of The Bible.

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New Testament only please lol

And Torah Q while were at it.

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This is an awesome idea
as would be his book on Mastery


I haven’t yet read the book on Mastery, but I bet that would be a great resource, too.

I am waiting on Edda Q. (◠‿◕)

Old Testament God is more powerful. He can destroy cities with lightning and fire, and flood the world.

Would be cool to have those powers.

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Old Testament subliminal = Brimstone Q


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I saw it as a sub to abide by the laws and disposition of the old testatment and therefore wanted
the infinitely forgiving loving one of the latter testament rather than the ‘I’ll smite you if you rub me the wrong way’ punitive god of the old one. But if were getting god’s power from the sub let’s keep both books.

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I’m no fan of the bible so personally I’d pass on anything based on it, old or new testament.

In contrast, Robert Greene’s work has clarity, is well organized, is not tied to religous traditions and moralism, and is based on recent science.

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For the record, this was all said in jest on my end.
Outside of mythological interest, and some psychological metaphor elements of it,
I have no interest in it as a religious document or spiritual path. and certainly not for a subliminal.

But i am for more Robert Greene subliminals 100%


Yes. I understand. Sometimes without being in the same room speaking to someone it is difficult to fully grok how serious they are.

Religion is something one has to dance around with certain people and discussing something like The Bible, which certain people view as the literal word of God, can be fraught with traps.

I just know that I personally don’t look to the holy books of the big monotheistic religions for life guidance.

I am really getting into the Robert Greene book, though.