Language Learning Recommendations needed

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a stack that will help me learn to speak fluently the languages that I want to learn? Is there a “language mastery x” that focuses on all levels of acquiring a language? Any recommended stacks that I can use with Khan?

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Anything with or featuring the Limitless series of titles (Limitless v2, Quantum Limitless, Emperor, etc)

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Yes, I agree with @Baphomet. Limitless/Quantum Limitless is a great way to go.

If the language learning is related to some other goal that you have or to some other life-dimension then it may work synergistically with the appropriate program(s) for that goal.

For example, if you’re learning a language as part of building your lifestyle/business goals, it’s likely that Emperor or StarkQ would enhance your learning. That’s somewhat theoretical, but I have had some experience of Emperor and even Ecstasy of Gold enhancing intellectual tasks.

Most learning projects are actually a mixture of many inter-related sub components. Language learning is as complex and diverse as the best of them. It contains social/interpersonal aspects, analytical reasoning, mnemonics and rote memorization, lifestyle/cultural aspects, and even biological/neurobiological health and function. That means that it can be helped via a diverse number of channels.

Anyway, Limitless/Quantum Limitless would hit a lot of the core stuff.

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Khan has the best of limitless. I am aware of QL and will be buying that in May. I’m already noticing the limitless aspects in Khan. Just looking for a weapon x/q language acquisition subliminal that focuses on speaking/listening/reading/writing all languages. Proficiency equivalent to CEFR C2 in all areas.

There is no such subliminal at this point of time.

It would be great as a weapons x title.

Anyone tried using Beyond Limitless Ultima for language learning?

I’m actually getting (back) into a bit of language learning right now. Might be a good chance to try out Beyond Limitless Ultima with it. (I’m already running Quantum Limitless Stage I and Stark, so the long-term strategy is in place.)

What language would that be? Something familiar to you or something completely foreign?


I’ve dipped in and out over the past few years.

Jumping back in.

Doesn’t sound too difficult for you then. Helps if you already have some exposure.

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Great. Now as long as reality agrees with you, then it should go pretty smoothly.

For anyone on here who is learning languages, this is one of the really valuable resources I have found.

WorkAudioBook Audio Player for Language Learners for Android and Windows

This resources is really excellent. A quick view at the intro page will explain both what it is and what is so useful about it.

I’ve spent some time contemplating the reality of language learning and I’ve come to the following conclusion:

It is a physical skill more so than an intellectual one. If it is approached with the same strategies that one uses for other physical arts, like piano playing, basketball, and, especially, dance that is probably best.

All complex physical skills involve internalizing a ‘grammar’ of execution. This is based on dividing what is complex into simpler, meaningful parts and then drilling for recognition and for performance. In other words, to recognize what is going on and to be able to reproduce it. Finally comes the skill of being able to spontaneously react, in a recognizably appropriate way, to randomly or naturally occurring conditions.

The development of these skills basically comes down to Drilling. So, the impressiveness (or the crappiness) of a language course’s quality is going to come down to the level of insight guiding its drill selection and drill organization/drill progressions. If you get and practice the right drills, in the right order and at the right intervals, fluency will develop and it will happen (relatively) easily and smoothly. If you practice more useless drills, you’ll end up with a list of vocabulary terms that you can’t put together meaningfully or that don’t help you to respond well to real situations.

Anyway, those are big generalizations. But they’re basically true in the broad outlines.

WorkAudioBook allows you to create your own drills out of any sound files you choose. If you know there’s something you want to learn, or that would be useful for you to learn, like a news broadcast or a popular movie/tv show, or even some recorded conversations of people you know; you can open it up with this application, and easily approach it as a series of sub-divided parts that you can internalize and master systematically.

So, it’s great. I’ll stop here.

(It’s a Quantum Limitless day again. And I’m noticing a tendency while listening to express explanatory ideas a whole lot.)