King's Quantum Limitless Journal

I’ve decided that I will run Quantum Limitless ZP until the rest of the year. I plan to run all four cycles of Quantum Limitless, with two cycles of each stage, so I should be starting in the “much vaunted” QL ST3 ZP by the end of September 2022.

From 11/6/2022, I will be running one loop of QL ST1 every two days.

While I’m currently on a five-day washout from the second cycle of DR ST1 ZP, I’ve spent some time thinking about what subliminals I should be running next.

This will be an exciting journey for me as I have never been excited about running any multi-stage subliminal up to the third (and fourth cycle), but Quantum Limitless is something that I’ve always wanted to run.

It was difficult for me to make this decision among a wealth-generation subliminal like Mogul or EOG given my ever-present financial worries, or a foundational alpha subliminal like Ascension, or a spiritual subliminal like Alchemist. However, I decided that since my childhood, a lot of stress, anxiety and other worries stemmed from my learning disorders , cognitive problems and inability to pick up many technical and physical skills quickly.

If I could rewire my brain with Quantum Limitless and overcome all my learning and cognitive handicaps as well as pick up new skills quickly, this would be a major breakthrough in my life that would help with other issues such as wealth generation, self-confidence, career development, socializing etc.

In fact, I’ve come to see money as an easy way out to solve many problems, but money is only one way among many to solve problems. One key goal of mine in running Quantum Limitless is to be able to find the solutions to the problems in many areas of my life, as well as to find solutions for other people’s problems without resorting to money.

Other goals that I am aiming for when I run Quantum Limitless for the rest of this year

  • To be able to develop mental clarity and think clearly, especially under pressure
  • To develop supreme deductive ability as well as improve my observation skills
  • To develop mental awareness of my surroundings
  • To develop a sense of direction
  • To increase my level of attention to detail
  • To be able to comprehend what I read at a higher level
  • To see significant improvement in short-term and long-term memory
  • To be able to see the big picture clearly and think systematically
  • And many more!

Sounds very good! Wish you all the best on your journey and watching your progress. :+1:

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You are in for a wild ride, I’m glad to see that you’ll be running every stage for so long. I’m very interested to see where your journey will take you.


How do you mean? I never considered QL to be a “difficult” sub, nor did I imagine it to be one with intense results felt right away. But I have no experience and no in depth knowledge of the title. So would love to hear why you say he’s in for a wild ride

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I wouldn’t say it’s difficult to run, more so I’d say it’s interesting. Increasing your mental faculties changes the way you interact with EVERYTHING, whether that be games or social interactions. You’ll be noticing changes everywhere you look.


Day 1
11 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP in the morning.
Felt tired for a few hours.

I actually read through the whole thread about that Unspoken Troll before I went to bed.

Interestingly, I dreamt that there was something about a lawsuit in the newspaper. I even saw in my dream that in article about the lawsuit were published the real names of Saint Sovereign and Fire, which were of some Middle Eastern origin.

Anyway, in the dream I also happened to be in a room in a building and Saint Sovereign happened to be next door. I opened the door to his room, which was dimly lit in green, saw some red furniture and heard his voice, but somehow he was hiding, so I didn’t get to see his face…

Day 2
12 June 2022
Subliminal Break Day.

I felt very excited in the morning about this Quantum Limitless program. I was thinking of stacking this with Mind’s Eye when I start the 2nd cycle of QL ST1 ZP.

My mind was full of imagination of the possiblities that would await me once I complete the 2nd cycle of QLST3 ZP, and I was telling myself that it would be worth it.

In the meantime, I had to get over some mild negative emotions stemming from my decision to run Quantum Limitless in place of other subliminals.

One thing that motivates me is my self-made digital Book of Knowledge that I mentioned in my journal. It has gone up to a close to 300 chapters consisting of web articles and book excerpts across various disciplines, and I plan to finish reading the whole damn thing by the end of the year. I am not just looking to memorize all the facts in that e-book of mine, but to be able to synthesize all the information across various disciplines, as well as to improve my deductive abilities.


Day 3
13 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP1 in the morning

Day 4
14 June 2022
Subliminal Break Day.

I dreamt that I was asked to bring two big envelopes to the Post Office to have them posted, but I think I went to the Post Office but I didn’t post the envelopes for some reason.

I was also woken up by somebody in my house calling me. However, I realised that nobody called me and went back to sleep again.

I was once again woken up, this time by my doorbell ringing. I opened the door to receive a big envelope for somebody in my household.

In the past two days, I continued to be motivated by the possibilities that await me when I complete the whole Quantum Limitless treatment. I am calling it a “treatment”, because that is what it is to me.

I think Quantum Limitless fits my natural archetype the most - I am most comfortable with the Sage Archetype - and I don’t wish to be distracted by other matters apart from the current treatment. Other matters will be easily dealt with when I finish my treatment.


Day 5
15 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP in the morning.

I’'ve been thinking about how I don’t want to live with my learning disability anymore, which had restricted my ability to do the things I want to do. I am willing to run QLST1 ZP for an additional third cycle if I can overcome it.

For me, at this stage, I want to overcome my handicaps in terms of mental/physical reflexes, situational/self-awareness, my working memory, hand-eye/motor coordination as well as sensory (visual, audio, smell, taste, touch) processing.

If I target these areas for my treatment, it will do wonders for my self-confidence. I see a successful treatment at this stage as attacking the foundations of a dilapidated building so that it will collapse and I can rebuild a new one.


This seems like adding in Mind’s Eye would really help! First of all, the manifestation of believing and seeing yourself as you want to be.

But more directly it helps with hand eye coordination, reflexes, and definitely some sensory processing as well! Especially visual, but, more importantly it would help you turn sensory information into actionable information.

That part of Mind’s Eye, which is in Stark, is why Stark makes people better at gaming… improved reflexes, coordination, etc.


Thanks, may stack QLST1 ZP with Mind’s Eye in the next cycle.

Day 6
16 June 2022
Subliminal Break Day

I can easily learn anything…and everything.


Day 7
17 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP in the morning.

Found this insightful piece in a speech by Richard Hamming.

If you want to be a great researcher, you won’t make it being president of the company. If you want to be president of the company, that’s another thing. I’m not against being president of the company. I just don’t want to be. I think Ian Ross does a good job as President of Bell Labs. I’m not against it; but you have to be clear on what you want. Furthermore, when you’re young, you may have picked wanting to be a great scientist, but as you live longer, you may change your mind. For instance, I went to my boss, Bode, one day and said, “Why did you ever become department head? Why didn’t you just be a good scientist?” He said, “Hamming, I had a vision of what mathematics should be in Bell Laboratories. And I saw if that vision was going to be realized, I had to make it happen; I had to be department head.” When your vision of what you want to do is what you can do single-handedly, then you should pursue it. The day your vision, what you think needs to be done, is bigger than what you can do single-handedly, then you have to move toward management. And the bigger the vision is, the farther in management you have to go. If you have a vision of what the whole laboratory should be, or the whole Bell System, you have to get there to make it happen. You can’t make it happen from the bottom very easily. It depends upon what goals and what desires you have. And as they change in life, you have to be prepared to change. I chose to avoid management because I preferred to do what I could do single-handedly. But that’s the choice that I made, and it is biased. Each person is entitled to their choice. Keep an open mind. But when you do choose a path, for heaven’s sake be aware of what you have done and the choice you have made. Don’t try to do both sides.


…And I realise that I am actually doing something similar to what Peter Kaufmann, editor of Poor Charlie’s Almanack, had done.

So I discovered that on the Internet there were twelve years of Discover magazine articles available in the archives. So I printed out twelve years times twelve months of these interviews. I had 144 of these interviews. And I put them in these big three-ring binders. Filled up three big binders. And for the next six months I went to the coffee shop for an hour or two every morning and I read these. And I read them index fund style, which means I read them all. I didn’t pick and choose. This is the universe, and I’m going to own the whole universe. I read every single one. Now I will tell you that out of 144 articles, if I’d have been selecting my reading material, I probably would have read about fourteen of them. And the other 130? I would never in a million years read six pages on nanoparticles. Guess what I had at the end of six months? I had inside my head every single big idea from every single domain of science and biology. It only took me six months. And it wasn’t that hard because it was written in layperson’s terms. And really, what did I really get? Just like an index fund, I captured all the parabolic ideas that no one else has. And why doesn’t anybody else have these ideas? Because who in the world would read an interview on nanoparticles? And yet that’s where I got my best ideas. I would read some arcane subject and, oh my god, I saw, “That’s exactly how this works over here in biology,” or “That’s exactly how this works over here in human nature.” You have to know all these big ideas. Or there is an alternative, find somebody who did what I did and just get all the ideas from them. Now when I was your age and I was in school, I thought the asymmetry of it was very unfair because I had to do all the work. So every time I go back and meet with a group of students, I change the asymmetry around. I did all the work for you.


Thanks a lot for this man. Deep realizations and lessons to learn.

When I had realizations on the application of Newton’s laws to reality and some mental models people thought I was crazy and looked at me weirdly.

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Day 8
18 June 2022
Subliminal Break Day.

Day 9
19 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP in the morning.

I’ve become worried recently about some major financial matter where I will be forced to take up a mortgage of sorts, and which will further lower my quality of life. If that happens, I can very well say that my freedom has been taken away. Right now, as it seems, such matters are still beyond my control.

In any case , I told myself that no matter what, I cannot stop running this current treatment. The world can take away everything else from my life, but I will never let it take away my freedom and capability to think as well as my ownership of my own thoughts

Other thoughts today… I came across a podcast of this man and I felt that I could identify myself with him in some respects.


Day 10
20 June 2022
Subliminal Break Day.

I am quite sure there is some type of processing subtly going on in my head driven by something like the “Way of ROI”, where my subconscious is scanning around for me for the most optimal direction that I should move in in terms of my career goals once I complete this treatment.

Quietly and slowly, my subconscious is showing me what are my options based on my current situation, my current priorities as well as the feasibility of those options by the end of the year. I can’t become Albert Einstein in 6 months for sure no matter how much I run Quantum Limitless - I have to be realistic about things.


Day 11
21 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP in the morning.

I feel that there’s so much knowledge in the world that I haven’t had the chance to access. Even more importantly, I have the urge to learn how to synthesize all the knowledge that I possess. I feel that there’s a lot more I can do besides rote learning and memorizing based on my long-term memory. These days, there’s also something urging me to keep on asking myself, “So what?” whenever I come across new information.


What made you decide between running each stage for 2 cycles versus running all stages once then doing another QL run?


I prefer to get the maximum benefit out of each stage by running each stage for 2 cycles.


Day 12
22 June 2022
Subliminal Break Day

Day 13
23 June 2022
One loop of QLST1 ZP in the morning.

All the few hundred articles, interview transcripts and book excerpts that I will finish reading have been compiled into an ebook in e-pub format which I store in my mobile. Whenever I have some downtime, or whenever my computer is working crankily, I spend some time doing reading on my phone, which has an e-ink screen and allows me to read comfortably.

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