Kingdom of Heaven on Earth - My first Custom

Hi everyone,

I’m currently on my first cycle of EOG ST 1 and RICH. I’m a 35 year old C-level software sales leader but currently on an income plateau. Married with two kids (my wife is an entrepeneur who is currently the breadwinner). I have not taken money seriously despite being a fairly high earner. I know that the only way to reach my goals of financial freedom is to supplement this job with a side business.

Ive failed at E-commerce a few years back but I have been drawn back to it and know that it is my path. I plan to start a product line with my wife but I want to cut my chops and get the money up to source my own product and build the brand from scratch over private label for example.

This is the stack I am thinking:


  • Omnidimensional

  • Divine Self Image

  • Jupiter

  • Perfect Style & Smell


  • dominion

  • True Sell

-Positive Being Attractor


  • exercise motivation

  • Furious Ascent

-Limitless executive CORE

  • Carpe Diem

  • Power Can corrupt

  • Cosmic navigator


  • inner gasoline

natural winner


SPS nervous system

I added WANTED because I’ve let myself go a bit and if you follow Psychocybernetics, you would believe that your self image influences your reality. I want to get back to the person I used to be and climb this mountain most efficiently. I also want to be the person my wife married and was always attracted to.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I am keeping HOM 100% to build this empire and legacy for my family.

This will probably be a birthday gift to me in a few months but I’m plotting now.


@Billions - i know that you found success in starting a business; what are your thoughts?

@Meridians : That’s a nice custom but I would switch Wanted for EOG4.
Wanted is basically a seduction sub. Unless you’re thinking of appearing mysterious and James Bond like to your own wife, I wouldn’t waste a core spot on that, being a married man. Or maybe replace it with Chosen or Emperor, if status and leadership if what you’re looking for.

By the way @Hoppa exponentially grew his E-Commerce business by running EOG.


Can you handle a 4 core custom?

It looks good.

Follow your gut.

My intuition tells me that you’d benefit from running Chosen: The Way of Nature. (Doesn’t need to be part of the custom.) That might sound left-field to you, I don’t know.

But the part that really sparked that in my mind was:

It’s a bit of a paradox, but to truly embody that mind you need to let go of her without letting go of her. You need to contact that vision of meaning and inspiration within you that is larger or greater than her. It contains her. It contains the love that you share. But it is oriented on something bigger.

This will allow you to stay with her, while not grasping at her. Chosen: The Way of Nature supports that.

Speaking utterly off the cuff here. So just take it in whatever way is most useful.

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I plan on running EOG always, right now im in stage 1 but do you think I should still keep EOG 4 in my custom?

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I’m limiting it to three. Will probably remove WANTED based on what @Malkuth said. I’ll look into Chosen too, as I’ve read it but now I am going to ruminate. Very interesting!

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Did you try all the Main Cores before you build a custom?

Can you handle a 3 core custom?

Its your first custom?

Go slow buddy

Enjoy the journey

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Nope. I’m kinda doing the same thing. I’m running HoM + EOG 4 right now. But I did go through all the stages of EOG. I’m only going to merge HoM and EOG4 in a custom after I gave EOG4 some time by itself to get used to how it feels and what it does. And HoM is just a massive behemoth of a sub that takes time to integrate (months to years!!!). It might even be the densest sub available here. So maybe take your time with the stand alone versions first (especially HoM) and when your mind has integrated enough of that massive scripting, you can build a custom.


@Meridians : I see your logic for running Wanted, being a married man with two kids myself. Keep in mind that women want different things at different stages of a marriage but the one thing that is not going to change is that she will look up to you for leadership even if she doesn’t verbalize it (most women don’t verbalize it). Family leadership in your case. Lineage: Mandate Eternal could do more for your marriage and your family than Wanted. Even Chosen could work better than Wanted. It could make you the person your wife CHOSES to follow. HoM itself has a strong family component. Since I started running HoM, my marriage has never been in a better place. Not a coincidence. I’ll add Lineage: Mandate Eternal at some point, because just like you, I’m on a mission to build a family legacy.

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This has all been great intel. Sounds like if anything I’ll keep on my journey with EOG/RICH and ease in HOM in a few months. Probably at EOG st 3 or 4!

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@Meridians : I saw that you’re in software sales. Since I started running HoM and EOG my focus on how I want to make money changed. Now I’m feeling very drawn to SaaS. Possibly starting my own company or selling SaaS for a company or working in a leadership role in a SaaS environment.
Can you give me any pointers on how to break into the software business (not on the technical side) and what I should be looking for/paying attention to?

@ksub sub I started in SaaS about 10 years ago. If I was starting from the beginning I’d use repvue to find the best sales jobs. I would look for BDR/SDR positions to not only prove you can make the calls and do the activity but also it instills habits that will crucial to your success forever.

SaaS seems like such a money pit to start but if you can sell you can make a bunch of money.

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I’m glad you’re starting off with EOG1 + RICH.

EOG Stage 1 is a sub that I’ve listened to for the last 9 months and it is still giving me breakthroughs on a weekly basis.

HOM is a sub that is best prepped for, by listening to EOG 1 and/or subs like mogul first.

It took me 9 months of constant EOG 1 exposure before HOM could give me results instead of recon… but… 9 months of EOG1 made my first month of HOM one of the craziest months of my life. When I tried listening to HOM last year, it did nothing for me, and gave recon to boot.

Your EOG1 + RICH stack will take you FAR. There’s no need to overcomplicate it.

I would perhaps alternate cycles of EOG1 + RICH and EOG1 + Mogul.

Just because MOGUL is another fantastic sub that sets the foundations for building a business, and it’s part of the wealth driver in subs like emperor and HOM anyways.

So… january it’s eog1/rich, feb it’s eog1/mogul, march it’s eog1/rich, april it’s eog1/mogul.

Like I said, 9 months into EOG1 and it’s still getting me fantastic results. Don’t sleep on this sub. Don’t skip it or ask “when is the fastest I can stop listening to this sub.”

Think of EOG1 like the foundation of everything. It will remove EVERYTHING that is in your way to achieving monetary success, yes, but I even find it increases my productivity, focus, emotional health, relationships, and more.

Remove wanted, add Emperor. Emperor has physical shifting and confidence. The current sales page of emperor is completely inaccurate, I would say. I have used it to become more loving, more committed to my monogamous relationship, more compassionate, more fiery, more all-in on my business, have greater self-respect, on top of everything else Emperor is advertised to do.

Plus, Emperor will be good prep for HOM as well.

I think you should increase your sub usage in stages. Start at the things that will give you the biggest and fastest results, then, once you’ve skyrocketed, work towards the super long term subs like EOG4 and HOM.

Stage 1: EOG1, Mogul, RICH (3-6 months)
Stage 2: EOG1, Emperor, RICH (3-6 months)
Stage 3: HOM, others


Ah i love this! What stage of EOG are you at now?

I went from stage 1 of EOG to HOM

I may incorporate EOG4 later but since I transitioned from entrepreneurship to sales (for now) HOM seemed more prudent

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I’m holding off on any customs for the time being. Committing to EOG, RICH and Minds eye for the foreseeable long haul!

Thanks for everyone’s advice!