King - Mind's Eye Terminus^2 + Mogul Q [STACKED]


Today is rest day from subliminals.

King’s new stack from tomorrow is Mind’s Eye Terminus^2 + Mogul Q since obtaining cash before anything else is his priority now.

Mind’s Eye Terminus^2 for 2 days followed by Mogul Q on 3rd day and break on 4th day.

Rinse and repeat for 30 days at least.


Just ran one loop of Mind’s Eye Terminus^2 today.

My eyes felt very very heavy and I started counting down from 100 to relax. Lots of images flashed across my mind - they were quite blur and I was unable to focus on any of the images before they changed.

I initially imagined lots of doors - doors that I frequently encounter, doors that I used to encounter as well as doors that I had not seen before.

I imagined myself soaking in an onsen or pool, with only half of my head above the water.

I imagined myself sitting down in a sofa in a reception room of a Japanese university that I once went to. I could suddenly remember a distinct smell of the sofa, and some kind of distinct smell that I was often exposed to in buildings when I lived in Japan.

The rest of the sensations included just floating and flying around as some sort of formless entity which would not keep still. The floating sensation included a kaleidoscopic movement in which I floated along the perimeter of a central point.

Now as I type…its been about 5 minutes after I stopped, the top/back area of my head is feeling sore. I am also feeling very drowsy.


For me, it is still much easier to get images coming to me than to consciously visualize images.


Just remembered a portion of my dream last night when one of my previous clients complained about a report he bought from me and said it was to difficult for him to use, and wanted me to send him an updated version for free to analyze.


Ran my dose of Mind’s Eye Terminus^2 today at the same time as yesterday.

Nothing to report though recently I have become very obsessed with learning more about Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s business partner.

It is his obsession with acquisition and synthesizing knowledge from various disciplines that synthesizes me, given that I’m very interested in approaching life in a similar manner. That’s a reason why Quantum Limitless has always appealed to me - I would really love to be in a position where I can dedicated my time to knowledge acquisition and fully understand the content of what I am reading in order to build up my world view.

Before that, I need to build up my finances first, starting with Mogul tomorrow.


Having a read of “Poor Charlie’s Almanack” at the moment.

One salient point that I picked up is on his idea of mental models.

You can’t learn those one hundred big ideas you really need the way many students do–where you learn 'em well enough to bang 'em back to the professor and get your grade, and then you empty them out as though you were emptying a bathtub so you can take in more water next time. If that’s the way you learn the one hundred big models you’re going to need, [you’ll be] an “also ran” in the game of life. You have to learn the models so that they become part of your ever-used repertoire.

I am thinking about how each Sub Club subliminal (or modules in the context of the Q store) has its own goals and when we stack the subliminals/modules together - it is not just about putting a few different operating systems together and expecting our brains to work on each operating system separately to achieve separate goals, but to synthesize the various subliminals/modules so that they all work together to achieve an overall goal.

It’s the same for what I want to achieve with Mind’s Eye (containing QLQ Lite) and my cross-disciplinary readings which will include both fiction and non-fiction, the former being mainly to help improve imagination.


I am a biography nut myself. And I think when you’re trying to teach the great concepts that work, it helps to tie them into the lives and personalities of the people who developed them. I think you learn economics better if you make Adam Smith your friend. That sounds funny, making friends among the eminent dead, but if you go through life making friends with the eminent dead who had the right ideas, I think it will work better in life and work better in education. It’s way better than just being given the basic concepts.

I like what he wrote here.

Again, my purpose of running Mind’s Eye is for me to be able to experience what is written in books, especially biographies and autographies. If I can make Adam Smith and other dead people with the right ideas my friend, I would consider myself having achieved my goals.


2 loops of Mogul today and 1 loop of Mind’s Eye Q at separate times of the day.

I began to think more deeply about my web design agency ambitions and was looking for an area to specialize in to differentiate my future business.

Started playing around with some ideas where I would collaborate with a food photographer to provide a specialized web development service for restaurants and other food & beverage outlets.

But first steps first - I need to finish up my web development course.


Won’t be running any sublminals today - have to let my mind rest after the past few days. I’m also suffering from Delayed Sleep-Phase Disorder so I think I shouldn’t let my mind overload with subliminals.

A few times I woke up today, for half second, I will have this notion flashing across my mind that I’m actually living in a dream even though I am wide awake.


Seems that I still have quite a number of limiting beliefs.

I will add Limit Destroyer Q tomorrow to my stack tomorrow.


Have been spending most of my time at home for a long time.

I tried revising what I had for dinner (i.e. imagining a different thing from what I really ate) and it was quite fun and I can still remember the taste of the imagined food. My goal is to completely re-imagine what I ate for a meal and feel in my stomach that I was full from eating it.

There is a Chinese idiom which refers to drawing a biscuit to fill your hunger. While it means using your imagination to console yourself when you are don’t have something you want, I have begun to see a different interpretation of the idiom. To me, it indicates the one’s power to imagine out his reality.


Decided that for the next 2.5 months, getting my finances in order will be my major focus along with honing my visualization abilities.

This means that Mogul and Mind’s Eye will continue to play a key role in my stack for the next 2. 5 months.

Anything new I get from Q-Store will be for these goals.

Everything else can wait.


Aiming for a surgical strike with regards to the manifestation of wealth using subliminals.

I must strike deep, strike fast and strike hard at my subconscious.


So Mogul is better for short term wealth?


Yea, it is the most focused single-stage subliminal for wealth generation. EOG will take a while.


Ran 1 loop of Mind’s Eye Q and 1 loop of Mogul today. I guess it should be enough for the day.

One thing I have been trying to understand is why I feel the surface area around and below my eyes tingling or vibrating when I relax while listening to the subliminals.

I haven’t anything around the pineal gland area - or maybe at this moment a slight vibration as I am typing.


Didn’t run any subliminals today.

Something interesting happened.

I had imagined eating duck meat and today I really got to eat some duck meat, even though the format of the manifestation is quite different. The duck meat I imagined eating was on a drumstick, but I ate a piece of boneless duck meat today.

Better than nothing I guess, especially since I focused more on the taste and chewing rather than the physical appearance of the duck meat during my manifestation.

Also, been having the thought " I am a Webflow expert" running in my head for the past few days. While I have been feeling tired and sluggish everyday, I somehow have this motivation to not give this goal up and am putting up as much effort as I can to master Webflow.


Fragments of a dream that I had when I overslept while running Mind’s Eye Q.

A scooter for toddlers that I brought up the escalator.

A busy convenience store.

Slippers on my feet. Had I worn slippers for a business meeting?

Making a call with the clinic using a Kindle (e-paper version).

Somebody asking me that question that I have been always been afraid to answer , “What do you do in your spare time?”


Webflow is not too difficult to use.

Aiming at creating 3-4 aesthetically-pleasing as well as functional websites on my own before a late June/early July launch of my freelance website design and build services.


Fragment’s of last night’s dream.

Walked into a huge dim hall where a lady asked me to dip my feet into some salt before entering the hall.

Anyway, I walked around the hall looking for empty cubicles to work in as I had some work to do. I saw that there were a lot of cubicles that were well lit but had people inside working away.

I told a lady I was looking for a space for a hikkikomori but all the spaces were filled up. The lady just laughed at me.

There was also a bar area - and behind a bar area worked some employees who were being investigated by the police. I had dreamt another scenario where those employees were questioned on a bus.

Anyway, the employees denied that they were guilty of anything, and said that they hoped to have greater power so that they could debunk the accusations.