Khans Increased Libido into Sexual Transmuation?


So many Users of Khan report increased Sexual drive which distracts them from their work, and so they stop using it eventually.

However, there is vaugely known concept of sexual transmutation: Putting sexual energy to get important work done.

Does any major program user here have any experience regarding this, or anyone want to share their insights?


Yes, now I want to screw my work colleagues…


well… sexual transmutation requires your conscious attention…meaning…you have to decide where you put your focus… I have three little techniques that really help me…one…hold the sexual desire and visualise …whatever your goals are. visualise them while holding the sexual energy…emerge them …make sure at the end of it…imagine all those beautiful feeling coming out from your body…releasing it to the universe…two…it is similar to the first one…you are not visualizing…instead you are scripting…write it down on a notebook…same process…three …make a mental link between your goals and your sexual energy…basically…just convince yourself how the goals that you have could benefit you sexually…hope that help


I didnt find khan’s vibe distracting. It is just when you dont have any issue in this area you can use other subs to improve. I personally didnt feel the motivation to create anything else but flirting with women and be social hence i stopped

I did st 1 2 3 for 300+ hours and st4 less than 100


@rising when I reach 30 days for stage 1, I will reach between 150 to 200 hours of listening. Do you suggest I listen more days and get closer to 300 hours. Or move on to ST2 after 30 days?


Wow! Thanks! Will try that and report!


@SaintSovereign @Fire

If i add Sex mastery to my stack, there will be excess sexual energy generated in me.

Will the principles of sexual transmutation be the same in this case?


I always try to hit 300hrs just to make sure every stage is getting enough exposure. Life is a marathon