KhanQ for women?


This subliminal works like charm.It’s killing me, my past self for good.
I can see that Subliminal here removes the blockages, letting you be what’s in you.
They don’t force you to be different but just allow you to be who you are.
Today I played all 4 stages simultaneously for 12 hours and began questioning myself.
The first improvement is in my voice, which has now become effortlessly louder, it’s amazing…Wow
I would like to gift these to my two elder sisters as well, who I care about very much.
Is KhanQ for Women as well, I mean, can they get perverted into something like lesbianism? or being a man?
Probably stage 1 is for all but two and three and four,
Please, clarify. Thank you, Good Luck, this works!


Naw. When we say our subs are for men, it’s because we’ve scripted them from a very masculine viewpoint, but there’s nothing that will cause such an effect.


@PrabhatKC - there are other excellent programs here for women:

  • StarkQ (good for both men and women)

  • Ascension For Women (women only)

  • The Seductress (women only)

If you want results closest to Khan (and am using this loosely), gift them StarkQ. The Seductress is also good if they are into amplifying their charisma and beauty along with other benefits.


I read somewhere that Seductress for men is in the works. I’m so ready lol


@NewLease - yes. SaintSovereign confirmed it himself. Once when I asked him about the men’s version after The Seductress was released. And the second time he has mentioned it quite recently. Am stoked for it myself.

PS: wonder what the name will be. Don Juan? The Casanova? The Seducer?


@raphael - SaintSovereign mentioned Lion IV module once. Assuming Lion IV is a core module. That could be the new name of the sub.


@Valygar - that’s an interesting idea. Anyways, lets see how it goes.


Yes, StarkQ + Seductress is definitely a really good stack for women. Someone here is referring to it as PottsQ, which I find pretty accurate. I can see that stack taking a woman in the Barbara Corcoran or Lori Greiner direction (Shark Tank).


Casanova definitely…I think


You the kind of dude that starts bicep curls in the gyms at 8am and leaves at 8pm after your 35th set of tricep kickbacks… rmb to eat right…


The Seductress’ FB Q


@JewlSubs can confirm that I pioneered that name :sunglasses: , if she doesnt I’m looting the Q store and framing her for it.


Quite the opposite.
I enter and leave gym after 15 minutes of boxing,punching.
The big problem is, I can’t bring equipment when I’m travelling, so 1 week of abstinence is enough to cramp the damn out of me.