Khan3Q/Emperor Fitness3Q: Niles Tale


I’ve been running this stack of the regular versions for the past month, although my playtime has been inconsistent as my girlfriends pregnant and I’ve been spending most of my nights with her, and I try not to play subs around her. I would say maybe once or twice a week I get a full night of listening in, opposed to 4 or 5 nights a week when she wasn’t pregnant. Over the last couple months I’ve found myself reverting back to the older, needy version of myself, getting upset over little things, feeling insecure about the relationship, having less enjoyment and being less present.

A couple nights ago, I had a full 24 hours of running this stack, and combined with the spring weather closing in I’m starting to feel like my stronger self again. Yesterday (the day after getting a full run time in), I felt the most confident I ever had in my life. I have never experienced results so quickly in my life, and I’m very observant over my inner state/self talk/physiology. Last night I was able to be extremely playful, fun, sexual, every shit test sent my way was brushed off or turned around into a self depreciating comment to boost my state, I was extremely self entertained. I felt the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in my own skin, and so content with my life. I haven’t felt that good about my self on any other stack I’ve ran and I have extensive use with just about every title on subliminal club, although I specialize in the seduction subs. Really excited about Q, especially as my listening time has been cut down, It allows me to get the most out of the titles in a shorter span of time.

I also experienced a really powerful meditation last night. My visualization skills have always been pretty good, but I had what I would consider my first “vision last night”. I was laying in my bed mediating and I saw in my mind the words “take action now” pop up as clear as day, and I heard my inner voice telling me that theirs no time to wait, I have to start acting on my plans now. I don’t really remember the rest of the vision as I was close to falling asleep but it was a really strange, but amazing feeling. About to go get my workout in now, and than crush the rest of this day :slight_smile:


I’ve been experiencing strong feelings of optimism and confidence followed by waves of depression and anxiety. I’m sure a lot of it is the social distancing finally starting to get to me, and Life circumstances in my relationship getting a bit chaotic, just a lot hitting all at once but I know going through it will only make me stronger. While my emotional state has been in flux, I’ve actually managed to take some positives out of it. Been focusing on the things I can control and actually taking a ton of action which is what seems to have the best impact on my emotional state. I’ve actually had a really productive last couple days. My diet has been perfect, and I’ve strung a week of incredible workouts together. I’ve invested in some self developing mentor ships that are really starting to pay off as well. I also finally created my fitness mentoring website today that I’ve had planned on doing for years and am looking forward into building my coaching business. So while Khan Q is taking its tole emotionally on me, overall it’s pushing me in positive directions.