Khan ZP alongside Primal ZP

Could I do this and expect positive results?
Done 2 days on 1 rest day in-between of 2x loops primal so far and haven’t felt anything noticeable not even the fatigue a few talk about.

I am looking for a bit of a reboot after being in a largely enjoyable 9y relationship and most recently a rollercoaster couple of month thing with a girl I have a lot of time for but has Bipolar 1 so its been a rocky ride to say the least!

Anyway she cooled things off recently saying she needed to focus on herself getting better and her son, I think in part I may have contributed as was a bit too pushy with contacting her (mainly due to worry about her condition as saw her both manic and depressed and naturally worried about her wellbeing) but still - I think I ended top coming across a bit needy and insecure myself calling/texting too much which I’m annoyed at myself about!

So, wondering the best way to go about rectifying this mindset and if anyone thinks the above stack is a good idea

edit - wondering if regeneration could be better?

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Sure you can stack Primal + Khan. But only 1 loop of each every other day.

The only exception is that it is recommended to run the first stage of Khan (ST1) by itself since it is a major healing stage.

You need to be around women for you to notice a difference. Also, there is good possibility that there were results but you didn’t notice them. It does happen once in a while.

Do you journal about your experience? It’s a big part of noticing results even if they are small changes. They eventually compound into more noticeable affects as your subconscious is encouraged to execute more of the subliminal script when you acknowledge initial results no matter whether they are big or small ones.

Here are the official listening instructions:


You could try Primal + Regeneration before trying Primal + Khan.

And please journal.

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yeah thanks for the advice @Lion I will go with primal and regeneration for now then I think and will journal on my iPhone notes


All the best, my friend :pray:


Posted this in wrong thread so reposting!

Hi all completed 21 days as per recc on zp (running ultrasonic on my airpod pro with volume approx 25%
1x primal 1x regeneration each on day with rest day inbetween
Genuinely not noticed anything esp no reconciliation

Any advice how to proceed after the washout would be appreciated!

Ultrasonic is supposed to be run on speakers and not headphones. Have you tried the Masked version?

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I did start with masked but on the page regarding zp ultrasonic it says ‘ If you’re going to use headphones, please be sure to turn it down to the lowest volume levels for your phone (25% or less). If you begin to experience tinnitus, stop using earbuds or headphones immediately and use speakers’
Doesn’t say not to use on headphones

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I wonder if people are stonewalling if they are noticing nothing at all?

Yeah that’s what I think / wonder

Do you notice anything at all? Increase in libido, change in behaviour, feel any processing, get any unusual dreams, more stares, more noticed by others, change in your personality and social dynamics around?

No literally nothing mate :man_facepalming::joy:

Lol… stonewalling

I don’t think regeneration is really needed with primal. Primal is what I call a feel good subliminal. I think it has sanguine. But that’s probably the reason why you’re not feeling anything. Try primal by itself there isn’t a need for extra healing (regeneration) to be paired with Primal. Imo

Ok thanks I’ll try that and see if any difference

I stand corrected. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

In that case the follow-up question will be whether you took any action related to the subliminal? As in being outside and approaching women?

Another important point is to journal everyday when we see small changes (for example noticing more women looking at you). That way, our subconscious mind will affirm the subliminal and bring more results to you.

Also journal mind-shifts and internal changes.

Many times there are results but we hand-wave them away.

One tip is to stop Regeneration and run Primal solo. 1 or 2 loop of it every other day.

Some people get better results when they run only 3 or 5 mins of the subliminal. You could try that but personally I haven’t.

EDIT: I just realized that I had already gave the same tips to you before. Ignore the similar tips if you are already doing them and do the ones you haven’t.

Reg the 3 mins is it literally you just run the 15 min sub but only for the first 3 mins?

Yes try it. Some people get fast results and much reduced recon due to it.

@Newtothis it’s been a cycle for you now, consider a “washout” and let us know whether that makes any difference for you, it would be a helpful contribution to the public research of the forum and for the Q bot scrambler.

Hmm yeah but if I’m not getting recon on 15 mins x 2 loops is that really going to assist me in my situation?