Khan weekly log


Week 1 Khan stage 1
Very powerful stuff. Noticed huge spikes in sex drive. Almost to where it’s distracting. I can bust a nut 4 times a day and still feel urges. It’s almost invigorating and required now.
Another thing I noticed is my subconscious is becoming fixated more on sex. It’s like a spotlight being shone on it.

Feels like a kick of testosterone overall.

Current protocol:
Sleep - sonic 9hours
Shower, bathroom time - masked 1 hour
Day time work sonic - 1-3 hours
Total 10-14 hours /day listening

Will continue to report and analyze my experiences with Khan.


Your sexual drive will be much higher than usual in ST1 and ST2. I had urgue for sex all the time, literally, and i was having sex near every day. Its nice to see another Khan journal


Today marks day 31. Im through officially 30 days of Khan stage 1. When they say that khan is rough they meant it. I had to face the forefront of all my severe mental illnesses that were holding me back and find resolutions for them. My limiting beliefs towards sex, domination, power and money were all broken down. Found the right treatment plan for my mental issues. Started to feel more confident, started to focus more on myself and what my wants are. Started to see what i needed to change. Anxiety started to decrease. Im going to run stage 1 for another month to make sure all resistance is removed, but i feel a lot more woke. Its definately not a walk in the park, but more brash and primitive . Until next time.