Khan v Emperor V4


How does Khan stand against emperor V4?


It depends on the person, their goals and how they want to achieve things. Khan is still incredibly expansive and allows you to fine tune / tailor your results. Emperor is an “all in one” experience. Just run it and go.

From a technology standpoint, technically, Emperor is ahead, but not by FAR. Not enough to really base a decision on that.


Is it too heavy to run Khan at 2, Emperor and PCC?


Why don’t you start with only one sub (Emperor or Khan), stick to it 6 months to a year and see where you get? Then you’ll know if you need anything else at all?


I’ve been doing Khan for 51 days now @ksub


51 days on a 4 stage sub is nothing. And that’s a heavy sub too. Calm down, forget anything else and finish Khan. Then you’ll see what else you need.


I guess I’ll keep Emperor in my inventory for now, and wait for the commandant Super Charger.


@mecharc you asked this question in a previous thread. You are obviously enthusiastic and keen to get results fast. I like that :slight_smile:. However increasing the number of subs in your stack wont speed up results.


In addition to @blackadder’s response, you mentioned that for ST2, you have only about 100 hrs of listening time. At 20 days, this is roughly 5 hours/day. This may not be enough time for your subconscious to actually accept and instill everything ST2 is telling it.
As mentioned in replies to other threads you have created, consistency is the key. Constant change to your stack may not be as effective as you hope it would be.
Patience is and always will be the key. Trust in the process. Trust in the subs.


He sounds like program hopper to me or a program dabbler …lol


thanks for sharing the observation.
I’ve been averaging Khan atleast 6hours everyday. last three days havent had to opportunity to listen that much. only about 2 loops.
that’s why the average has dropped down under 6.


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