Khan - The prince is dead, long live the king!


Hello everybody.

I’ve been using subliminals for five years now, these were products from your direct competitor. They worked great for me but now I would like to try something more advanced and which, people say, works. I was toying with the idea of using "Power can corrupt’ but ultimately decided to pick out something more demanding which would clear out the old nasty beliefs and heal the old wounds. I feel, think and see that the former subliminals didn’t complete the job and Khan has an interesting clearing/healing stage included so I shall start with Stage 1. I’m starting tonight.

The main goal is to heal myself and strengthen the positive effects I got using the aforementioned subs and add something extra from Khan.

I’m 37 and have had a gf for eight months. I’m glad about my relationship but I think Khan could tweak it up a bit. I’m an English teacher in Thailand and I would like Khan to help me a bit in that field too. My childhood was a mess… welcome to the club, right? And for many years I used to live like a hermit but the aforementioned subs helped me break out of it and now I lead a comfortable life but I want the prince to die and celebrate the ascension of the king. In a nutshell I want to make another step towards my ideal self.


Day 1

I’ve just finished listening to the sub, it took around 10 hours. I feel well-rested and enthusiastic despite the fact I slept around 7 hours only. I woke up three times during the night and woke up really early in the morning (around 4;30 a.m.). In one hour I’ll be going to work and see how it goes in social context.


Day 1

I’ve been experiencing a huge exhaustion recently but today I just felt a bit sleepy in the afternoon and I went through the day pretty smoothly with a high level of energy and optimism. I was bantering with the women at my work place and felt really in my skin again. I have an impression Khan is kicking unnecessary programing out of my head. I think the aforementioned programming has been causing me feel really tired every day. I can’t wait tomorrow.


Day 13

I’ve been having really vivid dream recently, most of them related to my past and people I had some “problems” with and our relations were “unhealthy”. In the dreams those relations seems to be more healthy. For the first ten days the sub was making me pretty solid by rocking the boat slightly but like now I feel it put me out of balance and I’m pretty labile right now. Since I’ve got some experience in using subs I deem it’s about building “a new center” and looking for “a new balance” which is the core of what the sub is supposed to ingrain in your subconscious. Fast your belts!


Day 26
I’ve been doing Khan for over three weeks now and yet it gave me some results during the first ten days now it seems to be doing nothing for me. I’ve been using subs for five years so maybe they’ve cleared the shit out of me and I don’t really need to stick to Stage 1 any longer.

I shall stick to Stage 1 for another week and then I’ll probably switch to Stage 2 depending on the further progress.