Khan stage 3 with other multistage?


Right now i am running a multistage program and i have 2 months to go until im done.
Is it ok to add khan stage 3 to my regular listening time or could it be counter productiv?


I think @DarkPhilosopher is the best person to answer this :slight_smile:


I dont see how it will be counterproductive if you get enough exposure time. That been said, maybe it would be better if you ran all the stages from the beginning


Which program are you running? Is that 2 months till your completely done with all the stages? I don’t think any of the subs here would cause counterproductive results unless your not getting enough exposure time. How much time do you spend a day listening?. The results vary based on exposure time and how much your brain is primed for subs. If your brand new to subliminals then you may not notice results as fast listening to multiple programs. But if you’ve been using for a while your brain will probably absorb it no problem.


Its a program from another subliminal publisher which i started 4 months ago. I have a one year history of subs and a couple of years of hypnosis files. My exposure time per day is around 10-12 hours. I could add 2 to 4 hours ontop of that during work.


I tried a 6-month staged program from another publisher a few years back, and am currently running Khan ST2. If we’re talking about the same publisher, I think they recommend not mixing their product with other subliminals. In fact, they discourage using their subliminals with any product that affects the subconscious. This is not only limitted to subs but also hypnosis and brain entrainment.
Although subclub’s products are designed to be “stackable”, this does not mean that the competition does the same.
Given this, I suggest you either finish the 6-month program prior to even starting Khan. Or you switch to Khan totally. In either case, I recommend a “cooling off” period of at least a week prior to moving to Khan so as to ensure that there’s no conflicting programming.


What @d1gz said sounds right. Don’t mix other subs with subclub.


I think u r right guys. Time to train my patience

Thx for the advise


I’ve found myself moving from running a playlist with 2 or 3 titles to just running one title for several months before moving to something else.


Sc stackable means with their own products


@dorfmeister - Were you using purely SubClub subs or were you mixing different publishers’ subs?


If it’s one of those 6 month programs, I’d recommend against running them together with SubClub products. I know of one competitor’s products that seem to do well enough when run for several loops every day on top of SubClub subs running the major part of the day, provided their purpose is similar enough to the SubClub program in question. But generally the recommendation would be to not mix and match, which I would say is even more so if you don’t intend to run ST1 & 2.


Just subliminal club.