Khan ST4+ Daredevil?


I’m noticing that I’m lacking in the social skills departement(pretty severe), so I’m wondering if adding Daredevil to Kahn ST4 wouls be a responsible choice. I’m asking this since from my understanding ST4 is a lot denser than any other sub and I don’t want to cause diminshing effects.


That’s tough to say – yes, Khan ST4 is exceptionally dense… I don’t know if Daredevil would be the best approach. True Social, however, would fit this situation better.


Oke, I already have True Social so I will start listening to it again. Would you say that the stripped down US version of Daredevil (Social King)that comes with TS would be an option, or would even Social King be pushing it?

btw: Since Social King is stripped down, what can I expect compared to Daredevil? I couldn’t find much about it on this forum.


Social King would work, but Khan may overrun it, given how dense the latter script is. Social King is very much focused on social interactions. Less seduction, more “being the popular person” in the group.