KHAN ST1 (Total Breakdown) Query


Hey @SaintSovereign @Fire @everyone

Just wondering if Khan ST1 (total breakdown) addresses and destroys : daily stress , lust for results and general anxieties ?

I did skim through the Khan product page but it didn’t give a straightforward answer…


I am obviously not Sovereign or Fire. However run ST1 long enough and it should remove anything that hold you back from achieving your goals.


Adding Sanguine to any SubClub stack would help with those immensely.

Among the Khan files, it is Stage 4 - which contains both Primal & Sanguine - that is best for alleviating them.

In the words of @AMASH:


I can agree with @Simon on Sanguine definitely helping with stress and anxiety towards achievements and in generalities as well.


@Simon Are these Khan modules (Primal & Sanguine) confirmed to be inside Khan Stage 4 ? I can’t see them on the Khan Product page. Appreciate if you could site your source(s) please .

Do you also have a confirmed list of modules within Khan, please ?



Well, the Khan salespage begins by stating that it contains “the best sexual and power aspects of Emperor, Daredevil and Primal Seduction” and “includes parts of the latest version of Mogul”.
Thats as far as we get to a “confirmed list of modules”. :smile:

People who have used subclub products for a long time, can tell which file contains what.
Several of us older members practically think in terms of product/module composites.

I cited Amash, you’ll certainly find other citations by using the search facility.

Anyway, that’s the best I can do to reduce your general stressing/anxiety about Khan modules. :blush: