KHAN S3 Question


I’ve read Stage 3 on the product page a few times and I think I know what it means - it’ll push you to take action towards your goals but I just want to be totally certain.

Is it pushing you to get success with women? Or is it pushing you to get success with whatever goals you’ve set? If I ran stage 3, I’m currently in a stage of my life where I’m not too interested in getting an abundance of women. Not saying I don’t want it but I just want to build my empire so to speak, using emperor lingo. I want more drive, more motivation, more relentlessness, more grit and discipline to just keep building myself up and my external life up.

Is stage 3 right, or am I better off sticking with emperor for this one?



Emperor forsure. Then transition into this.

I did the free one ran that for a while than ran emperor v2 for a few months then v3 for like 2 weeks I think.

Emperor will make you stone cold focused on your goals.

Before I did emporer I was in a rough spot and in super focused mode already /motivated as fuck emperor def Potentiated that routine.

I had 0 desire to pursue women or watch porn etc. I didn’t notice this until I tried khan.

On khan I have a boner 24/7 and in packing. Sometimes it’s awkward. Uncomfortable at the gym doing cardio.

What I’m trying to say is khan WILL help you in what you’re lookiny for forsure but there IS sexual focus and attention that will be allocated by your desires on it. At least it did for me.

That is my opinion and just trying to help bro!

Important: first time sub user ever about 5 months ago and I’ve read like probs a 100-200 comments on this forum. That’s my credibility level not very high.

Hope this helps :pray:


If i was you i would stick with emperor for 3 months at least. Before looking at Khan i do believe if you use emperor long term. It will accelerate the changes created by khan.

I used emperor for months on end. Then switched to khan and went from stage 1 straight to stage 4. Stage 4 pushes you take action relentlessly.


It pushes you to take massive action in whatever goal you have.


A. It pushes you to take action on whatever goals you decided for yourself, and refined during Stage 2.

B. It pushes you to capitalize on all social situations - sexual, business, community, ALL.

Khan-Action is a better choice if your Empire building involves interacting / working with people - sales, management, etc.

Emperor is right for you if you are working solo - ecommerce, writing, trading, etc.


I’ve actually used emperor for quite awhile with “meh” results which is partially why I was asking about khan. Knowing from Simon that it’s better for empire building that involves people, that could partially be an issue I’ve had. I did notice more stone-cold focus on just my goals, and more anti-social behavior from it, which is hard when you do need to talk to people. That is my default though so emperor might’ve made these characteristics a bit stronger.

I’ll try both stage 3 and stage 4 with dedication and see how it feels. Stage 4 seems cool but with a purely action-oriented focus I’m assuming S3 is more of what I’m looking for right now.

Especially now that I’ve learned emperor for social business is less than productive lol. But it definitely has helped in some ways with solo-goals.

Thanks guys, appreciated


Cool. And is there a reason you’re skipping stages 1 and 2?


Yep…: 100x better answers. Hahah.

You guys do a great job defining the characteristics of the subs.


As Fire and Sovereign have said before its not necessary that you run the stages sequentially. See how stage 3 goes for you and later if need be go for another stage.


You did quite well yourself, considering you have a 24/7 boner. :sweat_smile:


I feel I’m in a place where I can now ignore S1 and S2… for now that is.

My main focus is just getting things done. Inner healing and new mindsets is definitely important, but my main priority right now is just pure, empirical results in my life.


Keen to hear hos ST3 goes for you.