Khan Question: Using only Total Breakdown

I have been listening to ST1 of Khan the past few days.
I noticed that my reconciliation from TB seems to be extreme tiredness if I’m not doing anything.
I’ll be reorganizing the home office, prettying it up.

Today, I was actually reorganizing it somewhat to be able to tinker more on the hypnosis-related project I’m working on.

I noticed that if I just listen while sitting at the desk, and not actively doing anything, I am tired as fuck. As in, so easy to close eyes and fall asleep in mere seconds flat…and sleep for half a loop if not longer.

If I force myself to get up and get back to doing focused work in the office, the tired feeling passes within minutes.

Do I need to just surrender and sleep while listening for a loop and let whatever is in there get destroyed/broken down?

The other (real question and reason for this post) is I’ve noticed some interesting sexual manifestations from either Khan or PS or both…I’ve been playing both as I feel driven to do so.

I am considering no longer doing Khan ST2-ST4.

Is there ANY benefit to doing just ST1/TB and leaving it at that? Or is that wasting my time since I wouldn’t be adding in any new programming?

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You are still adding part of Khan’s programming, but I think at a certain point you might need new stimulus to grow. For example, Khan St2.


Any idea what khan core programming might be…
Especially stage 1

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Oh no, I truly have no idea.

For me the core programming is the archetype of Khan (which is also a little bit fuzzy). But basically, I would say since Khan contain Daredevil, Emperor and primal seduction, we can assume that there is a light version of those three mixed together + some exclusive programming that makes Khan a little bit different than only those three programs.


Reason i ask is…if its only healing then how come i feel so motivated and how come there is so much change in my behaviour which is recorded in my journal.
Which does make sense from how you explained @GoldenTiger


My response is aimed at both @pacman and @Palpatine

I may be wrong but the change in your behaviour is probably because some of your ‘limits’ may be healed from using Khan Stage 1. I think Stage 1 is super important and should be used for a while before the rest of the stages but I do think, like @GoldenTiger said, that you’d need a stimulus for the program which would be moving onto Stage 2.

I also feel super tired on Khan stage 1 in general. Hella tired. Even Stage 2. I think that’s just a subliminal thing where the subconscious is working on a lot to process. Again, I may be wrong.

I used Stage 1 and Stage 4 together, and then moved back into just using stage 1 along with Stark and the healing I have to say has broken down a lot of limits. Now I’m onto Stage 2 where I can feel the reprogramming. I’m feeling pretty good with it.

I’d definitely say spend some time healing yourself for sure, but that Stage 2, then 3, then 4 after so you’ve got somewhere to go with it.


Thank you @Brandon
I personally feel that stage 1 should be compulsory for all newbies…its so important and your results with every subliminal depends on stage 1?

For me it has been smooth so far…im only doing one loop per day…but i feel a huge difference. The difference or chance is really huge rather than other subs.


Agreed. Stage 1 should be compulsory. It should be compulsory to do without other stages because smart-asses like me join stages and they’re too dense so it takes time to see results. Using it by itself with Stark was something else.

Yeah you don’t need that many loops for it to work. 1-2 to start with is great. Gradually building from there is awesome.


What do you think?
Stacking Khan St1 with Glm?

I would say that would be a great idea… i think @Luther24 stacked those together or maybe it was Stage 4 he stacked it with … something like that

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GLM solo can be really challenging since the refresh. It is also a very much focused title compared to Khan stage 1.

I personally wouldn’t stack both I would go for Khan Stage 1 solo or if you not at work and don’t have important tasks to be done go with GLM solo.


Which Refresh? Zp ?
Or stacking it with St 2?

Khan St1 is about destroying beliefs about monry, power and dominance.

Glm is focused on masculinity only.

But both are kinda intertwined together.

Because every masculine man seeks money,power,and Women don’t you think?

Remember Glm used be an Ultima, a stacking subliminal.

Quote from Sales Page.

This stacking module will allow you to add a powerful masculine edge to any subliminal you run it with. It will help you shape your inner state into a more masculine one, where you are in complete charge of whatever is to come.

The refreshed version of GLM.

That’s true. But the title is very focused on masculinity and being masculine is not easy without terrible reconciliation.

I haven’t run GLM so these are just my speculations.

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Yeah, very true, so what do suggest drop St1 and run GLm only?

I would actually run Stage 1 instead of GLM. The more focused a title is the deeper it goes. Which means more and harder reconciliation.

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