Khan Question after 6 months of Emperor

So i have been running Emperor every night since February. I am looking to get Khan. I am wondering if I should add it to the stack, or just turn off Emperor and just let Khan run by itself?

Also, with emperor, I didn’t do it much during the day. Sometimes I did. It was always run at night with the ultrasonic version.

Does it matter if I run Ultrasonic vs masked or will I see the same results with both?

Lastly, do I need to ensure that I run them all day and night?

It really depends on your goals, what are you looking to accomplish? My thoughts tell me to tell you to run Khan alone however up until two days ago I ran Stark and Khan together.

How many loops did you do through the night? What were the results?

You’ll see the same results I believe, masked or ultra sonic. I always use ultrasonic and through the night too, I don’t like using up my day to listen to subs because sometimes I have to choreograph and use my phone for other things.

Look in the News and Update section (I think that’s what its called) - it tells you how many loops you should do for a single title. If you plan on leaving Emperor behind for Khan this will be useful.

Currently there isn’t a stacking article available - it’s in the making but we’re waiting for it to be posted.