Khan or Alchemist?


Hello guys!

Ive been using Regeneration for a little over a month and plan to keep using it for at least 1 month more.
Then my plan was using Khan but then the Alchemist got released, I gotta tell that both subs appeal to me a lot for different reasons. Khan for the Alpha money and sex aspect, and Alchemist because Im into Magick and Tantra, Spirituality is of great importance in my life.

The things is Ive learned in my life that it works better to take things out before putting new things in, to empty myself from what isnt serving a purpose before taking in new ideas.

Both Khan and Alchemist have, for what i read in the descriptions (and Khan journals) powerful cleaning in St1.

From Alchemist:

“Finally, the Pathfinder is a powerful spiritual purificator, designed to purge your energetic structure from everything holding you back. You will also see improvements in your daily life and not just in your spiritual practices, since cleaning your energetic channels will also purify your negative thoughts and beliefs.”

From Khan:

"Total Breakdown will crumble every single trauma and concept that is holding you back into dust with extreme force. This is the stage for those who are done being held back and are ready to destroy all the walls standing in front of them with their bare hands, no matter how bloody and bruised they may get.

@Fire @SaintSovereign How are those stages similar, how are those different, whats the scope of each? It will really help me to know a little more, to make a decision. Whether to do 1 or the other or one after the other :):sweat_smile:
Any input is aprecciated.


I have nothing specific about the content of the stages, so I’ll leave that to the gents.

But on the practical side of things, if you combine your Alchemist with a good meditation and visualization practice, it might very well increase the manifestation stage of Khan if you were to do that one later on. Plus your mental and emotional resilience of course.


Thats a good point! I do meditate daily and engage in ritual magick often, so it could work out better that way.


I agree with @DarkPhilosopher

If you are ok waiting on Khan then running Alchemist first should amplify Khan when you run that after


Thanks for sharing your opinion. It does seems like the way to go.