Khan new way of life


Hi.Like everybody on this forum I’m on quest for greatness. My journey here began in January, discarded after 15 years long marriage. drained, depleted , confused what, why all went so wrong. I realized I ignored lots of red flags from beginning till end of relationship. I been in one sided relationship with my covert narcissist ex wife. But that sad story is for another forum. Avoiding flirting or cheating 15 Years , no sex last 4 years.
I have done lots of healing past six months and recovery from PTSD.
I dont want to be same as before. I never will. I want to be something better.
My search lead me thru nlp, red pill forum, pheromone and alpha male sites.
and i ended here.

so here we go first I bought Emperor . I used it 3 or 4 days and it felt good. I was more colder, disconnected from everyone and even more focus and clarity about future. That is unusual for introvert feeler. But at age 47 I have no time to focus on building empire from scratch.

Swaped for Khan Stage1

Im already on Khan ST1 for 15 days.
it felt mild, calm but last five days I noticed few things. my memories turning from days when i been not just nice guy friend with almost every one i knew to days and months when I been nice asshole. Time when i been on top of game, any game . For me everyday was full of opportunities to ripe and everybody could smell it .
Im tired maybe because subs at night, but nobody notice . usually everybody notice that on sight. I can turn from calm closed to funny chit chat like switch.
in past was many days at work when i was invisible, nobody noticed me.
almost always me first do eye contact. today and yesterday I found two women staring at me. after smile and hello exchange they just shrug little bit with something like slight confusion on face. Are people start sense change? They need probably also time for adjustment as well.


I noticed that too while running emperor , more cold and disconnected but a more bone chilling confidence and presence


Yep. Emperor was good and it made me calculate priorities. I dont have time to build empire but Im ready conquer whatever challenge life throws at me. Thats why I swapped to Khan


Ok . I have no idea whats in KST1 but for years i was thinking about exercise while Im watching movie. this time it just happen . so i run ultrasonic KST1 watching movie and i do exercise . i the past my good exercise attitude didnt last more then couple days. This time 10+ days and rolling.


No to much to report , listening ST1 as much as i can. I have everyday few hours when i can’t listen. Absolutely no anxiety about anything,calm no problem start small talk and no feeling awkwardness. Definitely I’m more noticed by others. Energy levels are stable even when I feel down I can maintain focus , speed, interactions with surrounding. main parts of KST1 done great job. No many new observations. I don’t consider start flirting or dating yet.I want to work on myself for now. I keep KST1 just to cement my progress. More and more thinking about go to KST2.