Khan + Mogul vs Emperor?


Apart from the time taken to realise the effects. What are the differences in regards to the magnitude of effects?

Although haven’t read any results for Khan + mogul, but overall, I have read more prominent results for Emperor.

Have read exciting results for Khan also, but they have been mixed with horrible days as well, and apart from a few journals the magnitude of benefits have been just okay.


Most of the people using Khan are using it for the social, romance, and sexual aspects of it. Haven’t heard a tonne in terms of its wealth benefits, although being more social/alpha will usually reap monetary gains and opportunities. Emperor is less social and more status/wealth focused than Khan is in general


Is Khan less focused on status?


They are both focused on status, Khan is less focused on wealth


Khan st4 has already mogul in it unless i am mistaken. This is what @amash wrote in his journal if i remember correctly