Khan Intermission Review ( Oct - March )


Started Khan October 10 2020- Stopped Khan March 10 2020

Total Days Spent= 5 months

Bottom Line: Khan is an amazing product, it has changed me to the point where i am conciously aware of the changes, but i am not constantly seeing changes in the external world. Although, to myself, I am a totally different person from what i was 5 months ago.

What I did Wrong: 1. Rushed to get to Stage 4. (Stage 1: 45 days. Stage 2: 30 days).
2. Initially i would just passively listen to it, hoping one fine day i would
wake up a changed man.
3. I rushed through the stages, thinking that i would see results in stage 3 amd 4.

Stage 1: Breaks down the weak aspects
Stage 2 Rebuilds the Stronger

**correction: ** Instead of stacking on more lighter products to get faster results, I should have stuck to Stage 1 and 2 for longer (atleast 90 - 180 days each stage), and taken action while on them.

Even without taking action, I realised a big limitation destroyed

What has changed:
I don’t have the feeling that “i owe everyone something” anymore (this had been there for 26 years). all my interactions and communication flowed from this belief and this kept me very weak. I was at others disposal because of this belief. Now that i reflect back on it, i can clearly recall the feeling of leaving my status and power to be set by others!
This is the one significant aspect that stage1 and 2 have fixed. Breaking down this aspect of me has changed 50% of me. Breaking down this one aspect has raised my own power, status and confidence! now, i truly control my interactions!
However, there are still many unresolved limiting beliefs, and I truly belive that Sticking to Stage 1 for a longer period could have broken down every other weak aspect of me!

Advice to people looking to start khan:

  1. mentally set aside atleast 2 to 4 to 6 months of struggle. Accept that you will not see any visible change during this time, and then start your khan journey!
    dedicate this time to stage 1 and 2, better if you can set more time for these stages. Don’t count the days of stage 1 and 2 to get over! Be paitent with it. This is where the real change happens. J.M.O
  2. Don’t just passively listen to Khan and expect changes to happen! keep on actively taking action and you will realise the changes sooner! It will feel so natural. Do something Every day that you wouldn’t do yesterday. Your subconscious already knows the answer for handling it!

I don’t have the privillege of working on the social aspect of life for a while.

So, Now I will pause khan indefinitely and Start My EOG Journey! I will make sure that i spend a cosiderable amount of time on Each Stage, while taking action!


Don’t you think not taking the necessary action is the reason why you feel you weren’t able to enjoy the product properly? Since you haven’t technically “rushed” you have actually passed the ideal time suggested.


Interesting opinion. But what i believe is that, Sticking to stage 1 longer would destroy the limits that prevent me from taking action on stage 4, the kind of action that i still fear taking!


When I did move through the stages, I used this exact justification. But I’m sure now, that, even 50 days isn’t enough to break down 26 years of garbage completely.
But it is true, the ideal time is ideal for something. It has already gotten me prominent results in life. Infact the exact result I was looking for back then " raise my feeling of status". I was adding and dropping my stack left and right for the quick fix.

Eventually that fix happened, But khan goes way beyond just raising the feeling of status.

Due to my rushed listening habits, i couldn’t capture the complete essence of khan


About how many hours would you guess you spent on each stage?