Khan Changes in Q Version


Let’s get right into it. What are the changes in Khan Q?


Feels more intense to listen to, like a distant running rumbling tornado. But as far as content, I can only say it is more stronger. Someone mentioned New Beginnings in ST1…


For me, I’ve found it easier to quit some distractions. I wonder if that’s due to more power or the updated script though


If they ever update the product descriptions lol. But i would love to know what content they added or changed too.


@Fire would appreciate any comments on whether ST1 is in Q ST4. Trying to design my Khan plan for rest of year and that would likely change things!


Guys I just bought khan today and I am not sure how long should I run it every day? Is it 1 loop? 5 loops? 15 loops?!

The instruction says up to 16 hours a day but do I still run it that much in the Q version? Or go with the indication when I figure I am tired to take a break?


Definitely don’t look at the old loop counts. Single digit number per day. 1-5 is workable


Sorry for making so many questions. And listening during sleep at night is better, correct?


I wouldn’t say so, but feel free to experiment.


I thought listening during day time is better because then at night your unconscious can process. But I guess that might be different for everyone.


Bumping again. Any chance we can hear about this now that Q has launched, @DarkPhilosopher? Now I’m curious in terms of what’s in ST4 as well as how I may be able to do a ST4 + CustomSub combo in the future (it would influence what modules I put in my sub).