Khan BB new adventure


Starting with stage 1 total breakdown.
Had some old memories coming up, not sure if there is anything i need too understand or do.
They come and go away like a cloud in the sky.
I did stress a little earlier today about a job I wanted, I’m getting some answers tomorrow about it.
After playing Khan for a while I kind of feel more comfortable if I don’t get it or if I do,great. It’s not like my life depends on it anymore.

Good night :zzz:


Since starting Khan, I feel this about many things that would have stressed me out before.

Whether related to work or girls, I want the results but I don’t need them. I am comfortable with either result, I prefer and work towards the positive, and if I get it, I feel great, if not, oh well, and I move on.


Me too with not stressing over either little or big stuff. I wasn’t aware of it, but by the fun and casual conversation with my daughter tonight, it definitely made a difference. It was a 3 hour conversation. It would have only been 20-30 minutes were I uptight about piddly things.


Stage 1 is hard on me, depression, sad, anger afraid is just some emotion I feel.
Im moving forward too stage 2 instead, I can always use stage 1 later if I need too.
I have only been using stage 2 for 10 hours and I feel it’s working on my self esteem alot, I feel better inside and I had too smile a few times today on how good I felt inside.
I have a feeling this stage will be better for me.


Your subconcsious is likely feeling relieved it doesnt have to face the ST1 scripting, that’s why the higher self esteem, etc.

This might be better in the short term, but if you dont face your issues now, you will have to face them later :wink: .

My advice is to push through. Stage 1 is hard on you for a reason.


This is why I did increase my listening to ST1 to about 15-20 hours a day. It was hard, but I got to 150-200 hours faster. And when you get to that threshold, a breakthrough happens, and listening to ST1 becomes… beautiful.


I do agree with pakr93. The fact that you felt the way you did while listening to stage 1 shows you that the sub was working on some issues. Stage 1 isn’t meant to be easy. In the long term you will do yourself a big favour if you go back to stage 1 now. If you proceed with the other stages of Khan without listening to stage 1 for quite some time, you won’t be able to enjoy the full power of Khan. Stage 1 is the most important stage!!!

I find stage 1 so important that I will probably run it longer than 1 month.


I agree a 1000%.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Thanks but i moved on.

I am doing alot less loops recently.
If i let it play all day i get drained, so less loops = energy back.


I bought Quantum limitless and first played Khan S4 with QL S1, now I switched to AM, DD and QL. I write because I notice that my mood is better, I feel smarter and have much better energy, Khan S4 and QL can be a little energy intensive, especially first. With my new stack that I’m very happy with, I feel that QL helps a lot with understanding and makes more sense for the other programs.
QL provides a boost for AM & DD.
I am very pleased with QL so far.
I have some courses that I will go through. and should start and work a new place maybe soon, where QL can be good to have and of course AM and DD. Hehe.
I also run The legacy supercharger, it makes me powerful, confident and fearless when im social.


It’s been a while, @Badboi. Glad that all is going well.


Yeah im not so good at updating my journal, writing in english is pain in the ass for me to be honest.
Im now testing a new stack, and its khan st3 with QL st3, and my results so far is that my social anxiety is mostly gone, my eye contact is on god level compared to before, for me this helps me alot in my life. Im thankful for that. Other stuff i notice is, anger it comes and goes. Sexual energy super high, my mind is very dirty sometimes, haha…i think there is a woman that likes me, she always dress sexy when i meet hear and we have a good tone. QL is giving me focus and understanding and a good mood and more.


@Badboi - ah I understand. Am glad you are getting very good results. Also, Quantum Limitless will help you learn languages quickly so it will help you with your English too.