Khan and StarkQ difference

I was wondering those who have tried Khan , you think what is different in StarkQ and Khan .

I haven’t used Khan but I have bought it for use after I’m done with another sub I’m on. I may be wrong about what I’m going to say regarding it however I have used StarkQ since it came out. I based my buying Khan off what I believe StarkQ lacked that I needed more of.

For me Khan:

Has a focus on social and sexual dominance (StarkQ seems to lack the sexual - at least for me) - the main focus Khan has that I bought it for was a mixture of the social/alpha which I personally believe StarkQ lacks - the alpha. Khan will also help you get rid of limiting beliefs/possible insecurities (I believe) and will build you from the group up - each stage helping you become the social, sexual, alpha of your empire.

Stark for me:

Stark is focused on the playboy type of guy that everyone loves but can also be annoying. I’ve tested and used Stark as my main sub in my stack since it’s release and truly believe it has given me phenomenal results that have impacted the way I make money and build myself through networking with people. It has given me a fame like affect/celebrity feeling throughout my work and made me truly social (Khan deals with the social, but maybe not the celebrity effect.)

I bought Khan so I could have the best of both worlds with Khan/StarkQ and be the socially loved, sexually, dominant, celebrity King I deserve to be.

They’ll overlap, in my opinion, in certain places but there are definite differences - there might not seem like there are initially but after reading the descriptions repeatedly to make my choice on what was best, I can see the differences. I did a lot of question asking and researching through the forum to find the differences too.

The use of either will depend on your goals however for me the use of both will compliment each other (I hope).

Again, I haven’t used Khan, I’ve bought it, so the experience may be different but from reading and analysing people’s journals etc these are the differences I’ve gained.


I feel both have Emperor, psIT , daredevil .
So where do biti of them differ in delivering results

@Brandon, I totally agree when you say they overlap , this is what I feel .
I jane been using StarkQ and boy what wonders it has done to my life .
You are right it has given me celebrity kind of status among my friends and cousins , I have started dressing so well , compliments drop like anything , women are eager to talk , it do have sexual aura and advantage and yes it is helping me in way I do business.

So now I was feeling shall I go for khan along with it , actually I was considering adding core , StarkQ or khanst4 , amd really wanted to understand detailed and minor differences

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Khan Q made me feel more dominant waay more dominant!
Khan Q st4 gave me focus to sit on my table and study for 8 hours straight!

Stark Q makes me more distracted with multitasking


When doing multiple task do you feel fast and focused ? For me I feel even if I do multi tasking on StarkQ , I is way more innovative and intelligent .
Seems some QL stuff at work

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When I make my custom, as I’m thinking about it and what I could build up, I’ll be using Khan Stage 4, StarkQ and EoG Stage 4 as my major cores as they’re seemingly what I’d love for my current goals and probably future goals too.

It depends on what your goals are but I believe Stage 4 has everything Stage 1 has except healing (this may have changed with Q).

I agree with this:

I forgot Limitless was part of Khan Stage 4. Isn’t Limitless or QL in StarkQ though too? However, I do feel the same about StarkQ.


That is actually very important to remember when building your custom in general.

StarkQ and Quantum Limitless have both the whole QL core script. Still, the effects of QL are more profound in that specific area. Why? Because of the added modules which ENHANCE the core. That’s how I understand it and why Fire and Saint Sovereign repeat to not pick the modules based on if it is included in the core but to just pick what you like.

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The StarkQ core has the whole Quauntum limitless script/core?

I think StarkQ core has some form of QL in the scripting. But all subs for the most part i think have some variation of Limitless in the script to some extent.

I believe he ment the whole Core script of each Quantum Limitless Stage. Every stage contains the same core with the further additions to complement each Stage.

Ahh got it, thank you:)

I do feel StarkQ has some QL in it , as I feel it pushes to learn details of whatever I am going to do .
Also wen it comes to women StrakQ has started pushing me to take action , action as in , to be more upfront in giving hints that I am interested and available , also I have staretef talking to lot of women in social circle .

Is it not what people in Khan would report
May be there are few fine tunings or may be @Fire & @SaintSovereign created a version which resembled Khan St4 witj few added drop one like fame and celebrity effect and innovative ideas as they put it