Just another journal


I don’t really expect anyone to read this, but I figured the only way to measure progress is to write things down so to speak and hopefully along the way it’s of some value to myself or someone else.

I’ve purchased a fair bit of subclub products including

The executive, BLU, StarkQ, Libertine, SM2, Khan, PS: Iron throne & True Social

My experience thus far:

At the start of October, I started with StarkQ, Khan and I picked up the executive as a freebie. I listened to Khan and StarkQ first but only when going to bed (overnight) and noticed an odd tendency for my eyes to want to roll back in my head. I think that was my body trying to elicit a response or something of a placebo effect but not sure.

Whatever it was that made me take Subliminals more seriously so I drilled down to StarkQ and Executive as a stack every morning once. During this period I felt much more productive and like ideas and strategies would form in my head like I was assembling legos. Though usually only when I was taking a smoke break.

At this point I felt certain subliminals worked, and I made a mistake I think a lot of people make and decided to buy yet more subliminals heh. Since I was trying to get into shape (I’ve lost 110lbs over 3 years, but now am trying to gain muscle) I decided since this stuff worked I would focus on Emperor Fitness.

This proved to be a bad idea, as I spent the next month suffering from one breakdown after another with knee problems flaring up and for the first time arthritis in my right hand. This wasn’t the sub’s fault but I didn’t notice anything at all while listening to it or changes in a desire to do anything or better eating habits etc. So I ended up refunding it and taking a hard look at the catalogue to decide what I would finally focus on and stick with. I may repurchase down the road.

Since productivity had been the one side I had noticed a significant change in, I saw BLU as a worthwhile addition and True Social + PS:IT

I’ve divided things up as follows, and if possible it would be really nice to get some feedback on this.

Morning: StarkQ Ultima + Executive Ultima + Beyond Limitless Ultima - 1 run takes 3 hours (yikes) but when possible again in the afternoon. I’d also like to work Libertine into the mix but feel like this is already getting out of control with 3 programs in the stack. I’m curious if there would be value in alternating BLU out every other day or something.

Overnight: Khan St1 x 4

3hrs Before dates: 1 x PS:IT, 1 x SM2

What I’m trying to accomplish:

I battle with procrastination and have a horrible memory, while also working in a highly technical field. I desperately need to output more work and do a better job internalizing information. Which feels like a perfect fit.

At the same time, I’ve been dating a stunning 27yr old (Im 39) for over a month now and honestly I feel the struggle of keeping up I guess because she seems rather out of my league. So I’m hoping SM2 and PS:IT can help me with that.

But at the same time I feel just looking at that plan… Like its far to many subs to run concurrently. Ugh. Still I will try and post me observations here weekly for as long as I can but open to suggestions from any poor soul who reads through all this :slight_smile:


Welcome! Just dropping in my 2 cents about Libertine. HOLY CRAP IS IT FIRE!

I’ve been doing an interesting stack lately.

Screenshot of the stack


This has gotten me some awesome results with the wife.

I’m about to “port” this idea over to using Elixir superchargers on the beginning (instead of Libertine) and Elixir Ultima and/or Rebirth Ultima on the end (instead of Libertine Ultima) for a kickass “healing” stack.

I only have “regular” PS, but not PS:IT, so can’t speak to that…I will be getting PS:IT eventually so I can see the difference it makes when the “healing” aspects of that are removed.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!


The more journals the better.

That’s a lot of programs, anyway I think you would know how to navigate your subs as time goes on. Btw no one is ever out of your league mate. Congrats on the subs and I’m very interested to read your results.


Gotta collect em’ all huh …looooool


Wise decision!

If I had a knee problem, I would use Serum X and Asclepius… and seek out a medical professional. I’ve found chiropractors can be miracle workers.

I think you have The Executive. Have you looked at Quantum Limitless at the regular store? It did wonders for my memory.