Jumping Straight Into Quantum Limitless ST4 - Advisable/Experiences , Please?


Hey Guys,

I’ve a job interview to prepare for, early next week ; need to cram as much as I can :slight_smile:

Would jumping straight into QL ST4 fry my brains ?

Would I experience any major side effects etc ?

Note: I’ve had several light touches with QL ST1,2,3 but for under 2 weeks , then stopped completely as changed to different subliminals.



I mean it won’t fry your brain just don’t over listen lol. You could also just run LimitlessQ if you are just running it short term.

Are you running any other subs?


Hey @Floridianninja appreciate your feedback

Yes currently running EmperorQ + AlchemistQ ST4 - hopefully won’t conflict/clash with LimitlessQ ?


Emperor has Quantum limitless Lite in it
How long have you been running that stack?


Been running Emperor for probably close to 12 months/1 year.

Yep am aware Emperor has the QL lite - but perhaps it’s effects are diluted as Emperor is a pretty dense stack ? Are you finding the QL lite module having an effect ?


I don’t run emperor but when i did on the experimental it was very useful when i was learning things. LimitlessQ will definitely be helpful with that since it is short term. But since you have been running those that long add QLQ stage 4 shouldn’t be that much of a burden, just make sure you run more of QLQ then empq and alchemist st4.


Thanks , good to know QL Lite in Emperor had an effect on you; Perhaps it also does for me but not “feeling” it since maybe I’m already accustomed to it i.e. already a part of my subconscious !

I’ll let you know how those stacks, and will try running them in this order (LimitlessQ, QLQ St4 , Empq and Alchemist st4)


If you are gonna run QLQ don’t run LimitlessQ. It is unnecessary overlap. Since it is short time just run limitlessQ with your regular stack then once you are done with your interview start QLQ.


Ah okay, will do - thanks !


I would recommend you running Limitless along with your stack. Jumping into Quantum Limitless ST4 might not work. But of course, you are free to experiment.


I mean I did it for a month till I simplified my stack (wanted more alchemist and stark has ql core in it). It wasn’t bad at all, but of all the subs I have, I feel like my reality was already the furthest along In terms of what QLQ offers.