Journey to cracking JEE with spartan, Emperor and limitless


Current stack:

Emperor x7
limitlessX x5
Beyond limitless x 3

Some context:-

There is a hierarchy in our class(of like 60 students). students are divided into ranks(by me) on the basis of skill.

There are the S rank nerds who are perceived as Gods by other not so successful nerds. They are the city’s finest nerds. Other lower level nerds don’t even take them into consideration as they all believe the nerds are on some other godlike level. They are usually in top 15(out of 700) in the periodic tests which is held after every 2 weeks. They barely communicate with anyone else.

Then there the A rank students who are ACTUAL NERDS who try way too hard to be cool but usually end up making a fool of themselves. But they do get shit done and their hustle is respected by other lower level nerds(but only a little). They are b/w top 20-80 in the tests.

B rank kids are the kids which get done the minimum amount of work prescribed by the teachers to succeed. They procrastinate occasionally and are a bit social(yes, the S and A rank nerds are very antisocial)

C rank nerds are the folks who do care about the exam but their lives are controlled by bad habits and often bad decisions.(yes, I am in this category)

D ranks students don’t know what the fuck they are doing and why the fuck they are even doing it.
Some months ago I was in this category as well and it had a huge toll on me because now my basics are quite shit. Luckily I found a mentor and he’s been guiding me and telling me what to do.

My goals:-
To become a B rank sthdent in the next three weeks.
Study at least 10hours a day.

Some results I noticed:

I had been procrastinating like a dumbass from some weeks. It became really annoying and I started wondering if emperor is working for me at all. Fortunately it didn’t disappoint because today this idea of changing my surrounding come into my head outta nowhere. My home is full of distractions. Now I have occupied my mom’s office which is just 2-3 kms from my house. Here I feel like my my focus and concentration has increased exponentially.
Because of listening to limitless for so long(1 month), I easily recall weeks old information instantly. And that’s quite it.

Will be updating this journal weekly.


This is the first time I’ve encountered the word nerd so much in years, found it quite amusing. Based on your hierarchy I would rank myself as a sort of C rank student myself and I use a similar stack to you as well. Interested in seeing in how you progress and hopefully rise above all of this to become an S+ rank nerd :wink: .


Quick update: idk if it’s placebo but spartan makes me feel really mentally solid whenever I play it. How tough you may ask? Waking up at 3am and taking a cold shower immediately after kinda tough. Emperor pulls me away from my fantasies and thrusts me on the ground to face my current reality(basically it tells me that I ain’t shit).
And limitless v2 makes my brain imagine the concepts vividly and connect them to everything else in the subject(and thus sharpening retention)
Didn’t actually quiet hit the goal today. I always get distracted in class during breaks because of chitchats with random people. after coming home, the attention residue takes a toll in my productivity and kinda makes me wanna procrastinate. I LL be running 3 loops of spartan and emperor each to make sure that I don’t waste time mindlessly fooling around in class.lets hope that I make tommorow the most productive day of my life.


Any updates? What version of spartan are you running? What is your current stack?