JLG1's Journal - My Journey


It’s been about 31 days since I started using Ascension and I have noticed some results. The first week while running the sub I was irritated by things at work, speaking up more but held back because you don’t want to start arguments with your coworkers. That’s when I noticed something was going on, could have been my brain processing (or rejecting) all that script information from the subliminal.

Fast forward to today I have been more productive at work, looking people in the eye, even started working out. I’m more content and happier, things don’t bother me as once before. I purchased a Bluetooth speaker put the subs Ascension and the experimental Ex Machina on a SD card and play in a continuous loop at night while I sleep. Listen to the subs on headphones for about one hour at work, weekends I do the “set and forget” method. Also play it on my home computer speakers when I’m online.

They say the fun starts after six months so let’s see what happens, will keep this journal updated.


Anger is generally an initial response to starting a new subliminal (see my Emperor journal about the ridiculous amounts of rage I felt). It’s a mix between finally being able to see through people’s BS, anger that you let yourself get mistreated for so long, and of course, reconciliation.

Like the support article says, you won’t “reject” much of our script, as we take a different approach than other subliminal producers. We’re not giving you “instructions,” like some others do. We challenge your viewpoints and push you to reaching the level you want to be at. As a result, it feels like the process is “slower,” because there’s less biofeedback than affirmation based subliminals, which usually results in a period of immediate resistance. Ours is more organic. You’ll simply start to realize that you’re acting differently than you did before, or people are treating you differently.

Why only one hour? Unless it’s a logistical issue, try to get as much exposure as possible. I know it may seem a bit burdensome, but once it becomes habit, starting and listening to the sub will be as easy as turning on your computer.

Good job and thanks for being a customer!


I don’t have an office or cubicle so I’m always on the move at work, I only have one hour of free time to listen to the sub. The minute I come home I play the sub on my computer then on my Bluetooth speaker before I go to bed, I would say 14 hours a day (Monday through Friday). I do the “set and forget” on the weekends unless I’m out shopping and doing errands I then listen on my headphones connected to my smartphone.

My living situation isn’t great either I have roommates and don’t want to expose them to much to the sub so most of the time it’s played in my room. I would love to play the sub 24/7 but it’s just not going to happen.


I have 2 logitec speakers connected to my ipod in my bedroom positioned above my head where i play silent subs. You could also try sleephones i sometimes use these when going to sleep and you can cover your eyes as well, their quite comfy


This is actually pretty good. You should get pretty good results on this regimen.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into it.


@SaintSovereign or @Fire mentioned in a post how things become very interesting in the second month.


Generally speaking, yes – your results may vary though. We’ve been running subliminals for quite a long time now. That being said, the “interesting” part comes when you realize how the subliminal is affecting your life, so you begin to “deliberately” push the barriers of what you’d normally do, and realize that the results are usually positive.


I’ve noticed in my dreams I have been arguing,irritated or being violent to strangers and people that I know. I’m assuming this is normal but it is kind of disturbing.

My living situation changed five months ago when I was living on my own but then the manager raised the rent on my apartment so I had to move out. The good news is that I just rent a room with a group of people and I’ve been saving money, could be the sub at work since I’ve been more eager to save money lately. My goal is to get out of debt and next year hopefully purchase a home.


That’s a GREAT goal, and yes – saving money and debt management is in Ascension and expanded upon in Ascended Mogul. I’m also wanting to do the same thing, though my issue is less debt and more credit repair. I want to buy some beach rental properties.


Today I’ve saved over $2,000 in my bank account so I’m pretty proud about that, seems like I have this urge to save money instead of buying crap I don’t need.

I have been looking at people in the eye and smiling which makes people more receptive to me if that makes any sense. Even the way I walk is different, it’s little things like this that made me notice the subs are working. Usually things that bother me I just let it go like I don’t give a crap anymore.


In the United States, the average checking account balance for people under 35 is $1200. You’ve already surpassed them, and are on your way to success. Great work.

This is gonna sound a bit self-serving, but I’d recommend grabbing Mogul, or Ascended Mogul, to help you exponentially grow your savings.


Looking back I should have purchased Ascended Mogul but I wanted to build my character up, be more of a Alpha male. That’s why Ascension caught my eye so I wasn’t thinking about my financial situation, but it seems to have led me in that direction.

I would like to attract more women in my life so the upcoming Sex & Seduction sub will most likely be my next purchase.


There’s nothing much to report that’s out there or unusual, no weird dreams that stick out. I’m still listening to the subs 14 to 15 hours a day. The last two weeks I had to fill-in and do other people’s jobs because we were short staff, It was kind of annoying but my boss notice and thank me afterwards.

I feel like It’s the quiet before the storm If that makes any sense.


My rent was raised $100 by the owner of the house because of their financial situation plus one of my roommates quit their job but he did find another job but he won’t start working till next month. I took it with stride I can afford the rent but it will cut me back on saving more money especially with the holidays coming up.

Also been using male products like face moisturizer, post and aftershave products and even teeth whitening strips, I wouldn’t have cared before about my appearance but now I do. The other day my brother said “Man you look good, what are you doing?” I sort of laughed it off. Could it be the sub?

I may have to put Sex and Seduction on the back burner for now until after the holidays, women aren’t my main priority at the moment but who knows they may start chasing me.


Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my journal but really there wasn’t anything much to report unless you want to read about my weird dreams, I think that will get pretty boring fast. So I’m still working on my financial situation, I will pay off one of my credit card next month so I only have one left so that’s progress. My goal is to be out of debt by December. Still listening to Ascension V2 10 to 14 hours a day.

I’ve received more respect from strangers and even some of my coworkers which I like, my supervisor also gave me more responsibility at work.

A lot of new SC products out now so I’m wondering which one I want to buy next most likely it’ll be SS.