JCast's Dragon Reborn Journal of Journaliness


More soon…


Not sure at the moment how long I will run each stage of Dragon Reborn. I was going to name the journal Ora Pro Nobis but I wasn’t sure anyone would get the reference let alone the sarcasm. Or maybe it’s irony. I have run two loops of stage 1. I will probably run a third loop and call it a day.


I’m praying for you :slight_smile:
and I get the irony

Any thoughts so far on stage 1 two loops?


@Azriel It’s that I guess but it’s actually a reference to this song

After two loops I’m not really feeling anything. Not that I don’t think it’s working I’m just feeling sort of "ok ,whatever ". Which for me is probably a good thing. I’m not anxious , overwhelmed, or overthinking anything. It’s a weird sort of indifference I guess is the best way to describe how I feel. That and I keep having this lingering thought that I sincerely hope no one decides to try to drag me into their stupid shit or drama


Never heard it before but I like that song, it be good to lift too.


Slay the dragon to become a dragon. Good luck on your journey, James!

I feel it’s going to be a really interesting ride. Could you jot down your objectives and expectations towards DR, please?


Another accurate way to explain how I feel right now is a combination of bored , indifference, and frustration. I will elaborate more later


I hope you’ll stick to your path for at least four months, for your own sake and as a tester of RG. I could make a decision on DR only after reading a solid, long-term journal and I like your style of journaling.


@Voytek Oh yeah I’m sticking with it. At the moment I’m thinking I’m going to run each stage for at least 60 days if not 90. Give Dragon Reborn close to if not an entire year to do what it needs to do
As far as my goals with Dragon Reborn outside of deep comprehensive healing not much at the moment other than discover who I really am at a core level with all the shit has been cleared and excavated. Right now as crazy as this may sound I just want to be able to let go and have fun. Spend as much time as I can in the moment with my family. What happened with my Wife this past summer scared the fuck out of me. It’s ironic because I have always told her my biggest fear is our lives to be over with before we know it and our time together to end.


To elaborate on this I’m feeling irritable and bored. Just over the criticism of people that think they know everything. It’s always the most insecure and delusional that are the loudest and full of unsolicited advice. I’m not sure Dragon Reborn could have come at a better time


Ok I lied. I’ve run three loops of stage 1 and I’m currently running a fourth. Then I will probably be done for the day


Jesus, how are you already running so many loops.

Interested in seeing your journal for this particular title for sure.


Good question.


I must admit that while I was reading the sales page of DR I got an impression it was made especially for you since it mentions self-discovery and deeper understanding of oneself too. It may be that SC was inspired by you to create that sub. I’m glad you’re determined to suck all the juice out of that kitten. :slight_smile:


@JCast wish you the best on your journey,i know this is a good fit for you since you were on the elixir. This one look to be a powerful healing take you time with it thats my advice.
I’ll keep am eye on you journey have a good one


I’ve just learnt Behemoth is from Poland, my homeland, thanks to watching and listening to the video clip you posted. Cool. I thought it was Slayer only but Behemoth is Polish too.


@Voytek I love Behemoth. By far my favorite band.


My cousin likes it a lot too but I didn’t know it was from Poland, only after hearing that guy speaking Polish and seeing people with Polish flag I was like… WTF? I checked it on google and here you go. Anyway, I suppose my cousin could benefit from DR a lot too. I don’t know why but a great number of the people I’ve met who listened to this kind of music needed healing in my view. Anyways, I’m very curious about what happens next since I may reconsider running DR one day.


Honestly there have been studies that show metal heads such as myself are calmer and more adjusted. If I didn’t listen to extreme metal I would probably be miserable. It’s cathartic for me. This article mentions another favorite band of mine Bloodbath


@Voytek Here.