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Thats why multi stage programmes are life long investments…
Well said @JCast


I feel like I have a lifetime of baggage and trauma to get over so it makes sense.


Day 49 Stage One -


Running a second loop currently. I didn’t think I would get anything loops done until this afternoon


Crazy that we get to have this for its price instead of spending g thousands on therapy that does a fraction of this


If that. Basically why I decided to drop back to only stage one for a while longer and not put a time limit on anything.


A big reason I decided to just remain with Stage One for a while longer is to work through the ridiculous boredom and irritability I feel so often.


I think I usually feel something similar regarding the boredom.

Bored as hell, but still I can’t get anything done. Also, maybe I start watching some movie/series, or reading something. But then I get bored with that too and need to change to something else.

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This seems to be a common effect of DR.


Same for me


I have been feeling like this for years before I even heard of SubClub… It’s part of my procrastination problem.


Me having ADHD is probably a huge part of it. It’s really weird at times because I will be ridiculously bored and then other times I get so hyper focused that not getting shit done is almost painful.


Yeah… I do not have the second part.


Definitely sticking with Dragon Reborn for the long term. Today has shown me how much I need it


I’ve heard a couple of people say that about DR. I’m less bothered by boredom than before. I suspect that may be because I have Sanguine in the mix.


Day 50 Stage 1 -


Struggling to even want to do anything yet today. Just not feeling it


Did you run LEU?


Hey. About the boredom and stage 1, what I understand is you are facing a stage of lethargy and are using stage 1 until that is gone. Is it something like stage 1 will remove it when given enough time, or stage 2 was making the lethargy stronger?


I haven’t run anything yet and still got myself to get some things done right away