James Bond's journal!

I start a new journal. The last one was on Starck T, a very powerful especially if you mix it with Ascension !

But today, I would like to emulate the personality of no less than Sean Connery :joy: For me he embodies all the qualities of an Alpha male. This first customized subliminal is focusing on the aspects of calm and confidence under any situations especially under pressure. Sean Connery can stay super calm during the adventures of James Bond, isn’t it ? :rofl: Maybe one day I will order other key aspects of James Bond : seduction and martial arts ?

So my key subliminal is Sanguine,

Around Sanguine I take

  1. Inner voice (positive thinking)
  2. Ego Adsum (present moment)
  3. Lion IV (calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated)
  4. Stress displacement
  5. Negativity displacer
  6. Dominion (confidence and power)
  7. Power unleashed
  8. Invincible presence
  9. Total nonchalance
  10. Natural winner

Then I combine with
11 Productivity unleashed (focus/concentration and procrastination)
12 Carpe Diem Ascended (motivation and ambition)

Then I add some boosters
13 Mosaic (which will amplify the stackings of other subliminals)
14 Naturalizer (makes changes very natural)
15 Omnidimensional (work on different angles)
16 Overdrive (increase success of subliminals)
17 Deus (push the limits of subliminals)

The customer service of SubClub is perfect, thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire


@Avengers68 - I love this idea especially since Sean Connery is my favorite James Bond too. He’s the man!

The module choices looking good too. Good luck!

Thanks @Lion !

I listened to one loop and I felt sleepy :rofl: But now for several hours already I really feel relaxed.

@SaintSovereign how do we take action with Sanguine and all the stress buster/positive thinking/inner voice modules ?


Great custom build bro might build something similar to this in the future

it is 5 hours of being relaxed but also with clarity of mind !

Love the build, completely different from mine with different objectives! Good luck on your run! :slight_smile:

Thanks @GoldenTiger ! Whish you the best !

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Last night I forgot to stop the sub, so I probably listened to 3 loops strait ! This afternoon I tested the efficiency of the sub… My boss asked me during the quarantine period to prepare a video presentation but he told to take my time to do it, no urgency. Well, I have a fear of public speaking and I delayed and delayed this project of video. But today, I decided to do it. It was natural to do it. I started to feel all the symptoms of stress etc. but when I realized that, I imagine in my mind like a light switch and told myself “STOP” and went back to a serene mindset. I did my video !!! waiting for 3 months and realizing that it is easy to make it !

My take is that all the modules of my sub worked synergistically. The productivity unleashed first pushing me to do it (during the night when still listening to the loops, I was dreaming that I was doing that video). Then the stress displacement, negativity displacer and Ego Adsum entered the battlefield, creating the switch. And finally the Lion IV etc. followed.

I am happy to have taken a focused subliminal with all the modules reinforcing each other. I think it is better than different goals in the same subliminals.


OMG ! Yesterday I sought I will stop listening to subliminals… One moment all my negative thinking, negative habits, self-sabotage went back to my consciousness. It was like all these were coming back for a revenge after months of practice of Q subs. My mood started also to change and I was becoming angry at my wife and children. At this point, I thought that I have to stop definitely to use subs because it is a waste of time and money. Sadness was coming about all this waste of time…
And then … the miracle ! I suddenly realized, hey guy, you are living a state of reconciliation ! This is it ! So in my mind, I imagined a switch and pushed on the button thinking of all the positive thinking/inner voice/stress buster/power of my custom sub etc. I felt a massive shift from negative thinking to positive thinking, from helplessness to power. My mood brightened and I started to talk again to my family. It was the first time I was living such a state of reconciliation. Normally I just feel bored of listening to the same sub and so I have to continue to listen to it for a while to pass the “plateau”. Interesting to know how to nip in the bud a reconciliation state.


I remember Saint calling this something like reconciliation bloom, all the dormant processing that is not finalized comes up when there is a pause/break from the subs

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Exact, but I did not do a break or pause this time. It will be this weekend. It is more than a bloom, it is an explosion, all of a sudden ! Something like a rebellion of years of programming resisting the new intruders :joy:


Three days off. During these days off I observe a stronger focus/concentration when I told myself to focus. I was able to control better my emotions when thinking of my inner voice : when I feel a negative emotion growing I just thought “STOP ! positive thinking now !” and it stops nearly automatically most of my negative thoughts. I observed it before but it was incredibly more powerful and faster during the days off. I am back to listen to the file and I missed it :wink:


Pretty impressive the way the subliminal is making you control your inner voice! :open_mouth:

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Yes, this is the most powerful effects of this custom file so far !

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Today I was talking with some colleagues and the conversation turned out to be on self development methods. Some were talking about acupuncture, psycho analysis etc. I told them, well, I am using subliminal methods ? They looked at me as if I came from planet Mars :joy: They started to ask me about it, some told me straight, it is BS ! I suddenly found myself in a hostile environment, with people laughing or smiling at me … This is where James Bond arrived :joy: Ahahaha, I said, when did you start your psycho analysis, Freudian style my friend ? I started 6 years ago, he said, and I already start to feel better ! Oops, I said, I am using subliminals and in less than 1 month I am seeing already lasting results for some of my goals ! It was complete silence in the room, 15 people looking at me. Are you jocking ? If it was true it would be known already by health practioners psychologists and psychiatrists, no ? I was totally composed, James Bond style or Sanguine style and I answered " I am not saying that subliminals will replace any health practitioners, but it can very well complement them. You can use hypnosis/NLP and also subliminals, for example,they are not mutually. exclusive. I realized that I was not anymore in an hostile or mocking atmosphere, but I was in the zone in a nonchalant but focused state and … the colleagues were listening to me, some were listening intensely, especially the women of the group :joy: I think they were in a trance like state already :rofl: We had to stop because the boss came and we had a meeting. Then in afternoon some in the group came and asked me if I can give them some more details. I promised I will do next week :sunglasses:


Oh yeah, new members hahaha that is great!

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What effects did you notice from Stress Replacement so far?

Well, when I was using my custom sub I felt great really, stress free… but… I have been the lucky guy who received Ultima stage 2 Special like Hermit :and I can say, this Ultima is beyond my wild imagination, 100 times more potent than my custom sub. But I will not say more and let SaintSovereign to talk about it later :sunglasses:


This is the real James Bond :rofl:

Couldn’t agree more, my entire reality exploded this week.