I've been very vague with my last query


in my last query I merely provided vague information about my goals. It was not reasonable to expect a solid answer. Thank you to my virtual family for your feedback, despite my stupid query.

To be more specific with my problem:

My main problem is that I don’t know where to start things off. May it be new business opportunity research, existing business research, researching process improvement, find the way myself into new client office. Ie. I don’t know how to find the way myself. Ie. Lacking street smarts.

However, once I am showed the way, I will do anything necessary to get the work done.

I want to change this, and be more Independent in finding the solution myself.

Now regarding these problems,
I have Mogul, Limitless, Khan and will get Emperor soon.

All of the above have limitless in them.

Is the scripting of limitless in these, sufficient to dissolve the mentioned limitation I face? @SaintSovereign @Fire

Or, is it recommended to start off QL?

If I stack QL, I will continue from Khan ST2 day 18 and add QL st1.


Hey @mecharc. My responses to you often veer away from the actual subliminal stacks. That’s just my natural reaction to some of the points that you raise. As always, involve generous amounts of salt in hearing my or anyone else’s views on your life. You know it better.

There will be particular circumstances, conditions, and relationships that help to focus you.

Some people are focused and galvanized by competition. Some by the chance to help someone. Some by approval from a respected mentor. Some by a moment of glory before a crowd. The list goes on and on.

In what circumstances do you find that you get motivated and focused? It’s worth it to take a look back at the times when things felt ‘right’ and to take careful note of what the conditions were before and during that.

You could be a person who works well in collaborative, consultative contexts. That might be why you enjoy raising up open-minded issues for discussion here on the forum. That’s not a weakness. It’s a style. If that, for example, were an important ingredient in your Motivational/Intentional profile, then one of your tasks would be to assemble a trusted circle of interlocutors. Or more likely several such circles in different parts of your life. Not to get answers, necessarily; but to examine options and generate ideas.

There are different methods and systems to evaluate and identify your style and your personal ‘ingredients’. If you have not already done so, now would be a good time for those kinds of processes. If you’re ever interested, I can recommend a few.

I think that your enthusiasm and freshness are actually real assets for you. And I think that your questioning or feeling of being uncertain is not necessarily a weakness. It will help you with certain aspects of working with groups. You don’t have to fake and pretend to listen to people, for example. You are genuinely interested in collecting people’s views and in listening to them. That shows something about you. It’s not a strength or a weakness, per se. It’s an element of who you are. It’s the strategy you build around your attributes that will be good or bad.

This is a long way of suggesting that taking more time in laying out your real-world goals and strategies for reaching them will make the choice of subliminal easier. Two things will help to point the way: the specific immediate goals you’ve chosen and the barriers you repeatedly encounter as you try to reach those goals.

Of course, planning itself could be your current goal. Hmmm…Actually, that seems to be what you’re getting at in the above post. You want to be able to make a good plan. Is that right?

I guess I’d send you back to @Simon’s post in which he laid out 3 or 4 major specific directions and the subliminals that would help for them.