I've been running a ganesh mantra at night


I have been running a mantra while I sleep with a woman chanting “Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha” the entire night through.

I also have my usual masked subliminal playlist running at the same time.

Catalyze, over-ride, I have no idea at this point.


May i know for what purpose you are running this mantra. I’m asking because I’m a mantra nerd. Chanting since i was 10. Also, are you an Indian.


To remove blockages/obstruction s. Not Indian. I just figure this is an ancient psychospiritual tech with a good track record.



Chanting them is much more powerful. So chant it atleast 11 times. Increase to 21 than 51 than 108 than keep chanting 108 times forever.

We pray to Lord Ganesh before praying to any other God. Yes he removes all kinds of blockages.

Also, you can chant and listen to Nam myoho renge kyo, it’s a powerful Buddhist Chant, it means to bow to mystic law. This mantra will give you strength to overcome any obstacles.

Do chant this mantras for 83 days, it will transform you in to a new person. All the best


I have listened to Deva a lot in the past. Also nice to learn the correct pronunciation.

And of course chanting is more powerful, Maveric, since you get the added investment and the vibrations the chant causes in your body. One of the reasons why Om is so awesome, it’s got a good bass-line. :slight_smile:
But we don’t always create the time for that.

Listening should have decent effects since the intent is there. Tell me, @dorfmeister, how impressive is it with you discolight-machine?