📢 Isochronic tones with ultrasonics anybody?


Has anybody tried listening to the ultrasonics with any isochronic tones playing in the background? Maybe alpha theta or gamma? :grin:


My experience is that the subliminals make it hard for my mind to calm down. Meditation or yoga is less effective. So the conclusion I’ve drawn is that because your subconscious is getting all these messages, it sort of pulls you into a more active mind state. Then again, I can sense a difference in state when there’s a cell phone next to me, so I may just be very sensitive to interference.

Also, playing is one thing. But if you’re playing iso’s or binaurals to get you to gamma, all the while doing strenuous fitness exercises, you’re probably stuck in beta, possibly alpha, depending on the routine of the exercise. Alpha would be your best bet if you’re playing during your daily routine.