Isn't subliminal programming like learning/or going to the gym?


And you have to change subs quite often not to to get bored? When your mind is bored it doesn’t want to absorb the content, Or like going to the gym where you have to change the exercise since the muscles get accustomed to the routine therefore it’s not so effective any longer after some time. What do you think guys?


great question, now that you raised it, im thinking of an answer


I agree with the metaphor, but not with the insights :slight_smile:.
For me, you should keep the same workout plan if you are improving in anyway (increase weight or reps, slower tempo, etc…). I only consider changing my routine if I feel I stagnated for several weeks, and already tried several other methods.
Thus (assuming the parallelism makes sense), you should keep using the same subliminal until you stop feeling any improvement whatsoever (in terms of actions, outcomes and/or mentality).


I’ve been listening to subs for five years now and I’ve listened to some subs twice/thrice for six months each and I noticed that every time the next run of the same sub gave me less and less results even though I switched between stages every month. Maybe there’s some limit to your subliminal progress or one just needs a more powerful sub to get “higher”. Like me, I’ve been using Khan ST1 for over one month and I cannot say it gave me anything noticeable. Today I’m switching to ST2 and I’m going to see how it goes.


Some of the long-term listeners have noticed they develop a feeling that they should either take a break or listen to a sub with completely different goals for a little while. For them, it’s an intuitive thing.

But like physical prowess, as long as you keep challenging yourself, the subs should support your growth. If you are happy where you are, the best to subs can do is try and make your goals evolve. Especially since the subs are made so they aren’t supposed to make you unhappy. They are there to support your firmly held goals, not to change them.


For some users it’s reconciliation making you think it’s you that wants to change subs or swap. Reconciliation is very very sneaky. It’s good at making you think it’s a intuitive thing or you that wants to change the subliminal which is why it’s good to run a sub or stack for at least 30 days without swapping or adding. This way after 30 plus days if it was really a intuitive feeling to switch subs or stack others it will still be there, if not it was likely reconciliation you were feeling and not a intuitive feeling