Is this TOO MUCH for a total newbie?



I love the community here at Subliminal Club and the subliminals.

I have purchased and started using Emperor v4 last week and been using it for about 6 days.

Typically I get about 5 - 7 loops in during the day and 5-7 loops while sleeping. So far - I feel urges of motivation and a certain “man on a mission” type of vibe.

I am wondering, if I could stack Emperor with Regeneration?

Been suffering from low self-esteem, people pleasing and mild anxiety for most of my life (I’m 23).

Would the Emperor/Regeneration stack be too much since I’m not experienced with subliminals?

If no - what do you suggest for my situation?

If yes - how would the stack combining Emperor & Regeneration look like (ratio of loops)?

Thank you!


Hi and welcome to the show.
I dont think it would be too much, I think it would compliment each other very well.
About the loops, I’d say just listen as much as you feel comfortable for the beginning. If you can listen to it that much, that is great.


Depends if you want fast or slow results. Especially when you lack a good solid foundation already go with ascension-mogul or ascended mogul depending on your needs. No subliminal’s are ‘to much’, it depends on the situation and the person.

I would recommend build a foundation with Ascended Mogul, stack it with Regeneration for additional healing. After 4-6 months move onto Emperor.


Regeneration is quite gentle from all accounts so feel free to give it a shot. One thing I would like to add is that you should try and give each sub in your stack about 6 hours a day. That means with Regen and Emperor you should aim for 12 hours of total listening time.

Keep a journal to help you see if Emperor is a bit on the heavy side for you. If so, follow Hermit’s advice.


Thank you all for your advice.

It’s really an amazing feeling to experience the support : )

I will run 6 hours each at least, and see how it goes.

Let’s do this!


@renet1 welcome to the “nice guy” sub club.

Regeneration will gently clean you out - within the month you might feel a lot lighter and “empty”.*

Emperor from what others have said is the ultimate “nice guy” cure. However if you feel it’s too much, then Ascended Mogul is fine for one month, then Emperor.

*Of course actual results vary.


6 hours is 8 reps by the way.


Wow - that’s exactly what’s needed.

I am running Emperor during the day - for minimum of 8 loops.

And I will add regeneration during the night - for minimum of 8 loops.

I will then stick with this stack for 3 months and see what happens : )


Hey bro, how’s it been for you? I plan on going with Ascension and Regeneration. Currently just got Sanguine as I’m new here and wanna try it out and see how it is.


That is EXACTLY what I did. I ran Ascended Mogul and Regeneration for about 4 months before jumping onto Emperor. And I absolutely loved Ascended Mogul.


AM is the bees knees for gettin motivated