Is this experimentation Wise?


My current Core program is Khan. I’m currently on DAY 11 of Stage 2 with 68 hours of Listening.

I’m experimenting with my stack in that, I am keeping Khan constant and making sure I get atleast 6 hours of Khan each day.

And then experiment stacking with other subs to experiment

For example, Limitless, Mogul, PCC, GLM, AM, SM

Using 1 or two from above each day, not randomly but according to specific gaols of the day.

eg. Khan + PCC + Limitless was used today. I am having to deal with manipulative people. I am also researching about family business

I will detail results in my journal.

How is this way of experimenting?


Its your experiment. you may do it however you please. :smile:

My question would be WHY, not HOW.

Except for PCC, each one of those is a part of Khan.
The main reason to stack anything is to enhance something specific that you desire for now, that K2 alone doesn’t do as well.

So its reasonable for a student to add Limitless, an office employee to use AM, anyone to use SM when enjoying sexual company, etc.

Randomly adding 1-2 each day … WHY? :thinking:


To see how each sub makes me act. It’s not actually random. It’s more in line with the endavours for the day.
Yesterday i had a meeting with my start up regarding business ideas so I used Mogul.
Today I had to face the difficult marketing team of the Family Business, So i’m using PCC to avoid their Manipulation.
I’m learning the technical aspects of the business from research, so I have limitless in my stack as well (Today)


Answer is : good ol’ self sabotage.


There’s the concept of State vs. Trait.

States are transient mental and emotional configurations that arise and pass away fairly easily. (E.g., a mood, a high, a passing fancy. These are all states.)

Traits are enduring characteristics that have been integrated and incorporated into the habitual structure of who you are.
(E.g., aspects of your personality; a deep, persistent phobia, and so on. These are traits.)

By maintaining your commitment to a minimum of 6 hours daily Khan, you are prudently investing in positive long-term trait changes. These take a longer time to develop, but also do not dissipate or dissolve as easily.

On the other hand, your daily switching of stacking options is like a state-based experiment. You’re seeing what kinds of transient effects might be caused on one particular day. That could be interesting, but is probably more trivial than what you’re doing with Khan.

One potential downside of switching so much is that doing so could potentially confuse or slow down the integration of your longer term Khan processes. I don’t know if that would happen, but your experiment is one way of finding out. We do know that some subliminals are recommended for situational use (for example, a sex subliminal to prime you before getting into that with someone). So we know that can be done in some cases.

Just remember the Tortoise and the Hare story when it comes to growth.

And remember that, in actuality, you already had strengths before you started listening to subliminals. You don’t have to feel desperate or like you have nothing to offer in a particular area of your life just because you are not using a subliminal for it. You’re not beginning from a position of 0 or of poverty.

Play with the possibility in your imagination that you are already okay now, and you’re trying to get even better.

It’s pretty apparent from your posts that you are quite intent on getting things right. That is admirable. That focus can generate a lot of anxiety and pressure. Who knows? Maybe learning some methods for handling that anxiety and pressure might be just as valuable as throwing on yet another subliminal? (Relaxation, guided imagery, and so on).

Might actually help with integrating the good things that the subliminals are bringing to you.


That was beautifully said. THANK YOU :,)


Thanks back, bruv