Is There A Difference in How Stacking Is Done?


Just curious is there a difference in stacking it:



Emperor X 2
Limitless X 2

If so what’s the difference? Anyone has any experience?


I dont think there are any best practices for stacking as there is “no one size fits all”. We all respond differently, however what I would recommend is base the number of loops on your priorities. For example if you wanted to focus on amplifying your learning skills. Then run more loops of limitless and less loops of Emperor. Vice versa if you want to develop alpha qualities then run more loops of Emperor.

For example if I wanted Emperor to be the priority I might do

Emperor x 6 loops
Limitless x 2 loops


Same as blackadder here, personally I run my main sub during the night, with one or two loops of my secondary sub…

During the day I run a mix 1:1 in proportion with my main sub and secondary sub for a couple of hours!


Do you do all the same subs one after the other?


Yep, my belif is that keeping the same pathway activated over and over for 5 hours is better than alternating :wink: but I don’t have any proof for that…