Is starkQ the latest version?

The starkQ version is latest or has it never been updated ?

Yup, every Q version are at their latest version.

The latest “upgrade” were the Q store, which allows you to get a custom built subliminal with your name embedded in it!

Then there is the Ultima version, which is currently only avaliable to the Superchargers titles.

Also, it you purchase a title, it is yours, if they come up with a new version of Stark, you will get the free upgrade to the latest version :wink:

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Standalone Stark Q is at the latest version. I guess the only thing you miss is T2 which you could get in a custom

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Stark Q & Terminus are the latest versions, Terminus however is a ‘stronger’ build method. Which is not necessarily more effective, yet it might be depending on a variety of factors.

Not just the superchargers but some of the stacks as well.

Right now Aura is the last stack that hasn’t been updated to ultima.

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