Is spartan gender specific?


I live with my gf and i usually listen to subs while we sleep since its the most convenient time and she gets exposure/benefits as well.
Needed a sub for weight loss and general health so ordered spartan since the description sounded good but just realized there wasnt anything stating whether it was only for men after ordering it.
Would it be ok for her to get exposure or would it affect her negatively?
Otherwise ill change to the muay thai sub since it seems to be gender neutral based on what ive read on the forum and we both do kickboxing together.


I would think it is. But I haven’t used it myself, so don’t take my word. @raphael, what do you think?


@mecharc - am not sure. Will tag @DarkPhilosopher here. He will know better.


Hi to both of you.emailed support and they said should be fine and its safe for both genders. happy to hear more opinions though cause reading around on the forums,it seems to make some people more masculine(>_<)although it might affect women differently


Spartan works in part to rebalance hormones, so it’s reasonable to expect many men to get an increase in testosterone, and therefore an increase in masculinity. Doesn’t mean it’ll do that to everyone.


I had been giving it some thought. My first instinct was to say that you should be fine, even if the gf turns into a gym rat it won’t make her into a muscle-bound scary being. That takes a specific diet and training style to stimulate hypertrophy and fat loss beyond normal levels.

But then I started thinking that a sub like Spartan would benefit by stimulating Testosterone production. And that might not have the best effects on women in larger doses.

I will ask. It is possible the guys will tell me it’s been asked and answered, but I will ask nonetheless.

Looks like bujin had the same thought but more faith in Fire. :slight_smile:


Scripting to blindly increase any hormone sounds dangerous to me, I wouldn’t expect SC to do anything that naive. But focusing on rebalancing allows each person to find their appropriate level.


Thanks alot for all the help(^-^)makes sense about the hormone balancing since hormones affect a lot of things.should be fine if its just that and not from alpha male programming. haha,wouldnt mind the gym rat.she could use a bit more motivation to exercise (xp)true.that wouldnt be that easy for her to become muscle bound unless subliminal club managed to make a steroid level sub.women tend to have a harder time to get there.


I suppose I wouldn’t mind a gf that did this while I was sleeping in, then woke me up gently.

That is the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and grace in a woman.

I love yoga-girlfriends…


Haha,yep.a girl who had that much body control and flexiblity would be amazing.(^-^)dont think would be able to get my gf to do yoga though,she find its boring (T-T)she prefers stuff like muay thai and kickboxing.oh yeah,anyone know the optimal listening schedule for new dawn?ive seen 3 days on 1 day off,5days on 1 day off and set and forget on the forum. instructions dont seem to mention it.


I think it’s truly beautiful to watch. Equinox gives great video. She does yoga with her partner as well. What I love most about yoga-girlfriends is how it gives them a large degree of emotional control. Relationships are easier, less stressful and more intimate overall. And you have to consider other areas where that flexibility and control comes in handy…

As for your gf, Budokon is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and might be more your gf’s style then. It was a big thing ten years ago I believe. Too hard for me at the time with all the fast yoga moves. Looks like they added more MMA moves to it since.

There is no real listening schedule. Aim for 6+ hours a day. But there is a growing number of people that agree you should give yourself a rest overnight and maybe one day of the week.

By the way, I got a reply back from Saint. Spartan stimulates helpful hormones. So unless your girl strongly desires to turn into a beast and trains accordingly, she should be fine.


Haha,true enough.the emotional control would definitely be a good benefit.would be a lot less stressful in a relationship.
Budokon sounds great but it unfortunately doesnt exist in malaysia yet.even mma and kickboxing arent that common over here so difficult to find good gyms and teachers(>_<) fortunately found a pretty good one at the moment.
Sounds good then.will probably try to stick with the set and forget routine because its more convenient with a break if it gets too tiring.
Thats great that its only helpful hormones.hoping to get good results from it.we have both let ourselves go a bit so we really want to dial in our health and fitness again.along with losing a bit of weight.


MMA is on the rise in Malaysia. Maybe it’s too dangerous in the hands of Silat masters like yourself.

Good luck!


Mma is starting to get more known but still not that popular here other than in kl.only amateur fights are available for the aspiring fighter,no professional level here.i only do it for fitness anyway so is fine with me.
Haha,havent done silat before.used to do taekwondo when i was younger and more flexible but that was a long while ago.
Thanks,looking forward to seeing how the subs help cause physical subs are usually easier to judge results than inner change ones(^-^)