Is Sanguine Subliminal Causing Adverse Effects? My Month-Long Experience and Possible Explanations

Hi gang.
I am experiencing weird and concerning effects while listening to a subliminal Sanguine. I have been listening to it for about a month, along with another Spartan, which I have listened to on and off for almost a year. The side effects I am noticing include waking up with tightness in the chest when listening to Sanguine before going to sleep, feeling anxious and afraid, and having my fears intensified instead of diminished. I am also feeling self-doubt. It’s strange because people are praising Sanguine for having the opposite effects.
I am confident that the negative effects I am experiencing are from the Sanguine. When I took a break from listening to it, the effects greatly subsided. However, they returned once I started listening to it again. On one occasion, I listened to Sanguine twice in one day, skipping the Spartan, and I felt even worse (although this could be a placebo effect). Given that Sanguine is supposed to promote good feelings and confidence, I am a little concerned. Has anyone else had a negative experience with Sanguine?
In the past I have experienced something similar with Regeneration, but that being healing sub, was expected and it gave me great comfort getting communities feedback that those side effects were expected and normal. So I would appreciate some feedback from community on this.
Thx in advance

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Sanguine doesn’t contain any physical shifting and for the most part, just promotes relaxation and peacefulness.

The symptoms you’re describing, if being caused by Sanguine or subliminal use in general are the symptoms of anxiety:

That being said, given that we are not able to find medical advice, at this point, the only thing we can recommend is ceasing all subliminal use and seeing a qualified medical professional to ensure there’s no underlying issues.

Unfortunately, there’s been a rise of heart related issues across the entire world due to the fact that COVID-19 attacks the heart and can cause undetectable issues.

To rule everything out, please cut subliminal use and see a qualified medical professional.


thank you very much for your reply.
I have had some anxiety disorders in the past and Iknow how they feel ,but they were never this intense and only time they felt this weird was when I was dealing with Regeneration.
I was at doctors and luckily everything is fine from that aspect.

What are chances that this is caused by Sanguine? also how much do you think I should stop with subliminals altogether ?

Given the fact you’ve experienced anxiety disorders in the past, I’d strongly recommend cutting back on subliminal use – and not just ours. Any kind of emotional healing and / or forms of mind training including EFT and certain types of meditations in which you attempt to heal past trauma can cause anxiety as the mind and body tries to process the emotions and energy related with those events.

Sanguine’s scripting is simple, as it attempts to generate a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Anxiety is the exact opposite of that goal, and if you’ve had a clinical diagnosis of anxiety, you would need to speak to a qualified mental health practitioner before proceeding (and potentially while even using any of these modalities).

So, while I can’t say for a fact that it’s Sanguine or anything else, I do strongly recommend cutting anything that triggers anxiety even if its intended to prevent it.


thank you

Look up “Relaxation Induced Anxiety”

It may offer an explanation.


That makes sense, when you quiet the mind, you can hear the turmoil inside it.