Is Mogul V2 obsolete with EOG


This might be a dumb question but, I’m on Khan 3 and that sub has been Great for me. I was thinking about stacking it with Mogul v2 but im
Not sure if that’s the best course of action with EOG available. I just recently found out I have a family business, so I’m wondering if I’ll be wasting my time with stacking mogul or should I just hop to EoG


Finish khan first then have a break and then start mogul


Khan st3 has such a smooth feeling and it keeps my vibes leveled I really don’t want to stop it. I really needed to stay leveled too because my grandma passed last month and I stayed level headed thanks to Khan. Also I felt kind of rigid last time I did mogul. Although it wasn’t V2.


Khan ST4 has a part of Mogul in it.

So run that for 30 days, then based on your financial results, consider Mogul or EoG.

What I plan to do when completing Khan would be something like:

Khan ST4 x2
Mogul V2 x1

Or something similar. Maybe EoG instead of Mogul.

Khan is awesome so far. Did you keep a journal @millyx? It seems you’ve been using Khan for 3 months.


Yes I have, I don’t even notice it until I think about it but my anxiety is gone. Its not there at all, this has been an emotional month due to my family issues, but i’ve been handling it and not getting depressed about it. But now I’m ready to put my focus on my finances. I might just mix a loop or 2 of Mogul v2 in my Khan ST3 listening. If there was a supercharger for the financial aspects of Khan it’ll be pristine. Thanks guys.