Is limit destroyer and Rebirth Necessarry?


Having Done Khan St1 and St2 is it necessarry to do Rebirth and Limit Destroyer along with empresos for entrepreneurship purpose (asking this for future reference)?

The reason i ask this is because,

Emperor, Rebirth, Limit Destroyer, L and BL was a recommended paylist for entrepreneurship and wealth.


Do you feel you need to?


If you already have Khan I do not think you need the other two products. Khan stage 1 technology is far superior to the Rebirth and Limit Destroyer. Another thing is Emperor already has rebirth in it and the quantum technology in emperor is extremely powerful it will hit you hard at the core within days.


After reading your latest journal post, Regeneration may help you a lot. Or, if you don’t want to add to your stack the Elixir is a short 10min booster, when you need it.